Better Health – 5 Tests to Keep You Healthy After 50

After age 50, better health can be directly affected by certain tests. As we age, we become prone to certain diseases. So men and women over the age of 50 should not neglect certain testing. These tests could mean the difference between better health and disaster.

It’s a landmark birthday but it’s also important at 50 to schedule some of these tests to maintain good health.


Better Health – Don’t Put Off These Tests

Let me just say from the beginning that none of us are going to like most of these tests. They can be uncomfortable. No one is a fan of discomfort, especially when it comes to medical procedures. However, these tests are vital to better health after age 50, because they can mean the difference between early detection of diseases and problems that go undiagnosed and unchecked.


Okay ladies. We’re going to start with the mammogram. I know, I know. This test is no fun. I get it. I’m a woman. I haven’t had to do one of these yet. But they are important and I recall vividly how much my Mom hated, but tolerated, this test. It has to be done, though. Although they are super uncomfortable, mammograms are so important for better health. Breast cancer is a horrible disease, and routine mammograms coupled with self exams are the best way to detect it early.

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Prostate Exams

Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, guys. This is one test many men find any and every excuse to avoid. While I’m not a man, I understand why men don’t want to have this test done either.  I think we all know what a prostate exam entails, and I think we all know why men would put it off. But like breast cancer, prostate cancer can be a beast. It’s important to have it checked after 50 for better health and better outcomes. In our family we have a history on my husband’s side of this cancer and it is better to be safe now than diagnosed later. SO, I stay on top of some of these appointments for the health of our family.


This is another highly uncomfortable test that we all have to have. We all also hate it. In addition to having a great big long camera put up your colon, you also have to drink this awful stuff that basically gives you diarrhea. It’s not high on the fun factor. In fact it’s zero fun, but it does help detect colon cancer and pre-cancerous polyps early for better treatment. It’s necessary and it’s a short term pain really. Best to do it and get it over with BUT be warned take a day or two off. Once you start drinking the medicine that makes your colon clear you will not be able to be at the office. (Unless you work in your washroom.) Take it from me, the one who has had Crohn’s Disease since she was 14.

Bone Density Testing

Well. We’ve finally come to a test that doesn’t hurt. So why do we put it off? Time. Any test can take time, and in this day and age, time is at a premium. But consider what better health is worth. Bone density testing is especially important for women because we are so much more prone to osteoporosis than men. A bone density test can determine our risk for osteoporosis or if we have it. We can then take steps to improve the condition, so we don’t have broken hips and the like down the line.

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Yearly Blood Work

All of us put this off because of time and expense, but it’s so important to have it done for better health. In addition to the other tests listed above, yearly blood work can mean early detection of organ values which can be important diagnostic tools. Yearly blood work tests red and white blood cell counts, liver and kidney values, and a host of other criteria. Blood work is a major player in better health, so we need to bite the bullet and get it done yearly.

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Better Health is in Our Control

We have the power to control our health, and the path to better health begins with us being responsible about our testing. Is it a pain in the butt? Absolutely. But would you rather be uncomfortable for a few minutes or experience a cancer diagnosis? I know what I would pick, and I know what our families would pick. So don’t neglect your health and wellness and self care, and have your testing done regularly. Remember better heath is our responsibility.

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