British Columbia Residents Believe #IVF4BC #BCPoli Makes Sense

An overwhelming majority of  British Columbia residents believe public funding should be available for those who struggle with infertility and need the help of in vitro fertilization to build their family. A study released Wednesday in British Columbia stated that 73 % of all residents in B.C. think there should be public funding for IVF. The Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC) released the survey which clearly indicates that three-quarters of the province thinks help should be available and that the province should adopt a policy similar to Quebec’s. 
In 2010 the province of Quebec was first to provide universal access to IVF funding answering the question of how to fund IVF for many who struggled with infertility there. Now Quebec has a policy that covers the cost of treatment and mandates single embryo transfer. Their policy has led to a reduction in multiple pregnancies from a rate of almost 30 per cent to well under 10 per cent. This results in better health outcomes for both Moms and babies and results in health care savings of $30 to $60 million a year since the program’s inception, according to former Quebec Minister of Health and Social Services Yves Bolduc.
Why am I writing about the survey here on Well, I often deal with adoption issues and infertility and general health stories too. I am an adoptive parent of two, for those of you who don’t already know that. I bring to the blog my own personal experience of infertility, because I had a history of cysts and Crohn’s Disease, an inflammatory bowel disease. I have been managing the on line community for Conceivable Dreams for several months now. Conceivable Dreams is the Ontario based patient group asking that our province adopt a similar system to the one in Quebec. Conceivable Dreams has a fan page, a thriving facebook group where many get support daily for the emotional and financial struggles they endure. Conceivable Dreams also has a twitter account @ohip4ivf.
Just this past month, we have added Generations of Hope, an amazing organization in Alberta that raises money for those who cannot afford IVF treatment to build family. Generations of Hope has a thriving web site where you can learn more. 67 % of Albertans believe their province should have a similar plan to Quebec’s. They can be found on line at and on twitter @GensofHope. So join the conversation on twitter or Facebook if you agree and support healthy families in Ontario, Alberta and B.C. Support our bloggers like @Brookie_Berry as they share their very personal stories.
Now we are growing the British Columbia conversation too. In a country like Canada where health care is funded and administered through each individual province, where all who need medical care are supposed to be granted same, then this program is long overdue. It’s time for IVF to be funded in all the provinces. Follow our conversation in British Columbia on all the relevant social media channels. We are on twitter @ivf4bc and on Facebook here at Facebook IVF4BC.

Please help us shape the conversation and challenge the government in each province to do the right thing and build healthy families throughout Canada.

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