Chrono Bomb Game is the Perfect Present for Your Spy In Training #TMMGG2015


I spied the Chrono Bomb game this past summer at a toy show in New York City and it screamed Ainsley’s name to me as I walked by, so I struck up a conversation with the person representing Patch Products and told her all about this girl of mine.

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Back when Ainsley was about 8 and we were living in our old house, she would grab string, or yarn from the closet and string it all over her room creating an elaborate web of lasers so that she had to limbo and contort her body just to get into the room. She has always been that kind of girl. Massive imagination and a mess of creative thinking. She loved pretend from the start and has been building elaborate stories with superheroes and spies for many years now.


So clearly, because I know my daughter, and her love of creative role playing games, I knew Chrono Bomb would be a huge hit. Chrono Bomb arrived here awhile ago and we’ve been waiting for our schedule to slow down, so that we had a moment to test it out properly. This week we finally had that chance.


We set the Chrono Bomb game up together. Basically it’s pretty simple. Follow the instructions which are clear and well laid out in the package with the pieces. There are about eight separate pieces to the game and then there are also ten cards ( 8 gear cards and 2 mission cards). There are four standard clamps, a reel clamp, a sensor clamp and the bomb itself. Attach the clamps to solid surfaces like tables, legs of chairs and book cases and then use the laser string clamp to run the laser between the clamps to create a laser force field.


Use this game in a well lit area and be careful what you clamp the laser string to. You don’t want the clip to come off and you really don’t want the furniture to tumble, if the laser is hit. We didn’t have any problems at all with that happening.

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Chrono Bomb is recommended for seven and over. I can see the entire family having fun with this game. I would even try it. I can also see my daughter enjoying this with her cousins and her friends. A couple of those little people are six and seven now. I know my one nephew Taiga would LOVE playing this with Ainsley. Chrono Bomb Game retails for about $29.99 US. It is a massive hit in France apparently. It comes with ample string 27.5 M inside the reel clamp. That is already inside the clamp and there’s no tedious winding or threading to do. That is a bonus in a gift game such as this one. No big issues unboxing it or setting up.


Chrono Bomb combines a lot of fun all in one clever and awesome package. My daughter is able to be creative and enjoy role playing while actively being physical too. That’s the best kind of activity for her. She has always been the kid playing superheroes outside with the neighbours.


There are cards that come with the game and there is a BOMB that requires three AAA batteries (not included.) Activate the bomb timer and watch your child have fun contorting their bodies over, under, around and through the lasers. Don’t touch the laser though, because each time you hit the strong laser field, it subtracts time from the bomb.

chrono bombWhen you make it through the course to the end with time left on the bomb you hit the button to defuse the bomb. Spies are competitive of course so you can challenge friends or siblings to go faster through the same course. There is also an interactive element here which I love. Taking a game and extending it, giving it new life and some new applications through an application (here Google Play or the Apple App store.) makes it more challenging and extends the life of a game. Download the free Chrono Bomb Game APP and keep playing. That makes me happy. You don’t have to use the extra app features, but you can if you want to. Smart Idea Patch Products and Chrono Bomb!

This game makes my Thrifty Momma’s Tips gift guide for ages seven and up. Chrono Bomb is a fabulous fun gift for any creative little spy on your list. I was given product for consideration here. My opinion is all my own.

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