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Teethease Necklaces and Teething Jewelry – Interview with the Inventor

My daughter Ainsley chewing on her newest tool for Sensory Processing Disorder, the Teethease Necklaces.

Sensory Processing and Special Needs

We are way too old for teethers in our house. Our youngest child is seven, but when the option to review this fabulous product line called Teethease Necklaces came to my attention, I was thrilled, because I like having options and I adore having BPA and lead-free items.

For people who don’t understand, a lot of children with sensory processing disorder, or autism, need oral input. They chew a lot on sleeves, fingers, jewelry, even toys. It is an organizing activity according to the many books I have read on special needs. So, many parents with kids who have special needs, buy chewy jewelry or special needs teethers. We have used chewelry and Dr. Bloom’s here and now we have Teethease.  

                                                          Rockease is $34.95

I am so in love with the turquoise one. These Rockease Teethease necklaces look like real necklaces and are totally safe for babies or kids to chew on. They have an EN -71 rating, the highest international safety standard and they are made of medical grade silicone. This is the highest rating possible. The Teethease necklaces come in sandstone, turquoise and grey marble.

At $34.95 they are a bit pricier than some of our other chewy jewelry. We received the sandstone. I would pay the price for the turquoise jewels because they look so cute and fashionable. I like the sandstone too, but turquoise just looks like something I would wear.

Teethease also has these Original Teethease Bangles at only $9.95.

I like these and the price is right. One is $9.95 and there is a wood look bangle too. Continuous loop is easy for chubby little fingers to grab onto.

Original Teethease Pendant necklace $34.95.

And, maybe the cutest part of all – the packaging. It looks like a little paint can and my kids loved it. I would absolutely buy the pendant necklaces because they don’t look like teethers.

The Interview with Mompreneur Lindsey Sardi- Dubuc


1. How did you get the idea for Teethease necklaces?


Teethease was created when I set out to find a product that would allow me to know the teethers I was using were safe, and to be able to wear my jewellery again. It seemed like every time I was out with my daughter (especially at the grocery store) she would grab anything in reach to chew on. I did have some plastic teethers I had received as gifts, but this was around the time that BPA (Bisphenol A) and its negative effects were made known to the public.

Avoiding BPA

As I think most moms were, I became increasingly weary of what contaminants might be in the products I might own. Avoiding these plastic toys, I realized my daughter was instead grabbing at my keys, my phone and especially my necklaces! Inevitably you end up carrying your child all the time and those necklaces are just too tempting for them.; they always seem to hang at just the right length to chew on. So began the search for a material that was sturdy and flexible, easy to keep clean, didn’t stay wet from drool, was easily accessible, and most importantly, safe.


2. How has teethease been received?


We are so grateful to have received such positive feedback about Teethease. Every so often, I receive a note from a mom that leaves me feeling like all the hard work and long nights have been worthwhile. Messages will range from a general thank you for a safe product, to stories of when one of our products saved them from a shopping meltdown or how they love being able to accessorize without worrying about their baby’s safety. It warms my heart when someone takes the time out of their day to let me know that they like what we’ve created. 

What Do Moms Think?

Recently we have had the opportunity to work with some fantastic mom bloggers. Their reviews have been very kind and the support we receive from their readers is unbelievable. Sometimes when I’m surfing, whether on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or Google, I’ll see someone posting comments about Teethease. It won’t be in response to a contest or review, but just because they saw a product that they thought was worth sharing. It keeps a smile on my face for the rest of the day.


3. Any plans for future products or lines?

Lindsey’s Response:

I have so many ideas for future products. I’m looking into a line made from wood and other renewable sources and I am really hoping to be able to find some great Canadian Maplewood. It’s a beautiful colour and I’m always happy to support our economy. 

In fact, I also have a few new styles that are in testing, but I can’t give too much away and ruin the surprise! We’ll also be adding new colours to the existing lines this year.


4. How has being a parent impacted your business?

Lindsey’s Response

In many ways I think that being a parent and owning your own business are very similar, both require a tremendous amount of nurture and patience. My guess is without having children I probably would never have started Teethease, but the truth is that sometimes being a stay-at-home mom and running all aspects of the business alone can be rather trying.

As a mother, I have acquired skills that have served me well in business and vice versa. I’ve become a self-proclaimed “marvel of multi-tasking,” which means I have breastfed while making business calls, worked on newsletters during nap time and prep dinner while I go over monthly statements.

At the End of the Day

At the end of the day, my children will always come first. A little while back, my eldest let me know she didn’t like seeing me on my BlackBerry while we played in the rec room. From that moment on we worked out a deal; you give Mommy 20 minutes to finish what needs doing, and then for the next one to two hours you will have my undivided attention, which means phones and computers do not enter the play area. If it’s a busy day, sometimes we do this two or three times in a row.

For those who deal with me on a regular basis, they know that often my emails show up in their inbox after midnight because it’s so much easier writing without little hands trying to type simultaneously. 

Being a Mom and Entrepreneur

The biggest impact that being a parent has had on the business is my drive. I make sure that my kids understand that what I am doing is ultimately for them, that my emails and phone calls are how I help contribute to our household. Also, I now allow my eldest to help in any way she can. She helps with colour choices, packaging and design ideas and testing. She loves to tell people she “went to work” with Mommy, and I love getting to show her what we can accomplish with a little hard work. 


5. Was there ever a plan or discussion given to marketing teeth ease also to children with special needs?


We have had a number of inquiries about using the Teethease products for children with special needs. Of course, we have a number of clients whose children are autistic, and compulsively chew.

The bangle is a great alternative to chewing on their sleeves, pencils or other potentially harmful objects. We ask the parents to use their best judgement when deciding if the Teethease products are suitable for children over three years of age. There are currently no set of standardized tests that allow us to ensure the products are safe for special needs children across the board. Unfortunately, there are so many variables (age, strength, motor skills, etc.) that make any sort of “standard” almost impossible.

Final Thoughts

After years working in a children’s rehab hospital, I do have some ideas for future lines that might work well for any age.

My Recommendation and Rating

Thank you to Lindsey for the interview and for creating a fabulous product I recommend fully. $$$$ out of $$$$$. You can’t put a price on safety. Love how soft the Teethease necklaces and jewelry feel and the clasp – breakaway is well done and nicely crafted. Also the packaging is adorable.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Melinda

    This is amazing, I applaud you for this and am happy to support and spread the word. It’s motivating and encouraging to see people making their dreams and ideas happen.

    For the past 2 years I’ve been pushing through tech school and plan to write a book to help other women make the same decision to go back to school. Hearing you’ve made it happen all while juggling the family and life is just what I needed to hear.

    Thank you!