My Winter Parts of Speech Book for Kids

This Winter themed Parts of Speech Booklet is a great tool to help nurture a love of reading and writing.

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Grammar and spelling are quite simply two of my favourite things. Words are my currency and my happy place. They are forever building stories, erecting houses and crafting characters in my head. Sometimes they trickle out onto the page and here on the blog.

Parts of speech and words are the building blocks of communication, no matter what age you are and what occupation you have. Understanding communication – words and the power of combinations of words – can create kindness, empathy and joy, or alternatively it can generate hostility, anger and divisiveness.

How we speak and communicate in person and on the page speaks volumes about us.

Parts of Speech

As a child, I lived for storytelling and language arts at school. Those early lessons on nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs sung to me. Maybe a little bit literally, actually. Remember that Schoolhouse Rocks conjunction junction ad they used to run on TV? LOL.

Easy Tools to Build Language

Anyways, I know you and your kids are both looking for more activities to fill spare time and also to supplement at home remote learning. So, hopefully, this cute Winter Parts of Speech Book fits the ticket.

If you are also looking for something to get them inspired to write, then here’s my Magician inspired writing prompt.

Here’s how to get this cute educational printable for your kids. Don’t forget to stock up on pencils and other items needed.

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Winter Activity Book

I also have a Winter Activity Book here for you!

Print this Winter Parts of Speech Booklet Out

Just click and collect below. LOL.

Happy Winter! Stay Warm and Get Outside to Explore!

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