Dear Mom: Camp Series February #MuskokaWoods

Dear Mom: 
It’s February and school is in full swing. Some of the little kids did their 100th day celebration last week, so you know what that means, right? That means the school year is half over and it’s time to start thinking about camp. Oh I know it’s still snowy and the skates are still in the mudroom, crocuses are probably nowhere in sight. But camp registration is well under way and this year, I really want to go to a camp that makes my heart sing, where I can do arts and crafts all afternoon and hardly come up for air. I really want to try some new things and swim and make friends and write in my journal. Maybe I will go kayaking, or zip lining. I can’t wait for tuck shop and three legged races and beach day and skateboarding sounds awesome this year. I would love to go to the exact same camp I went to last year with my best friend Charlotte and I can’t wait to see if my favourite camp counsellor is there from the junior girls cabin. 
So, you know what? I am going to keep writing every month. And I am going to pester you almost every day until I know for sure that you sent my camp application in. And when I come home from school and I’ve had a bad day, well I will ask you again Did you sign me up yet? What week am I going? Did you book it yet, did you? Huh. Did you? How about now? Did you book the martial arts day camp yet too? And how about the week at drama camp that I have been doing every year from the time I was seven? But Mom I really have to go the week when they are doing the Disney Tribute and you know how it fills up every year by March break. So, don’t forget to get looking now. Please. By the way, I love you Mom. You’re the best Mom ever.
And when you finally book it then I will highlight the date on the calendar that hangs in my room and start my count down. When I wake up every morning, even during the weeks when there are those grey April showers I will spring out of bed knowing I am moving ever closer to that event. The biggest highlight of my year. The week I get to go to camp. Only 142 days to go!
PS. Thanks, Mom. 
I love you and I will email you or write you every day from camp. 
(unless I get too busy and forget to mail the letters. 😉 
This is the first post in my 2013 camp series. I am thrilled to be posting this year for Muskoka Woods and, over the next five months, I will share with you the many reasons why camps are great extracurricular options for children of all ages and abilities. I will highlight a few great activities we got to experience at Muskoka Woods when we visited last year and blogged about the experience. I will show you what my kids gain from day camp, and sleepover camp, and horse-back riding camp and so on…I will talk about camps for kids with special needs and getting kids ready for camp and even finding affordable camps and where to look for funding. 
This is us last year at Muskoka Woods and also at Sari therapeutic horse-back riding camp. My kids are no strangers to camp. My oldest daughter has been doing day camp from the time she was 3 1/2. I knew my social butterfly would love to spread her wings at a preschooler arts camp back then 8 years ago and we’ve been testing out and falling in love with many camp programs over the last few years.
My daughter Ainsley is 8 this year, so follow our posts and our story as we decide whether this is the year she might be able to manage sleepover camp. (Last year the 11 year old finally showed me she was ready to go to camp with a tiny bit of support from a friend who went the same week.) You can read about that on my post Adoption at Camp.
Follow us as we figure out where our kids want to go to camp this year, what works and what camp offers. Read along as we figure out if our youngest daughter, who has special needs, is ready for overnight camp. 
Have you booked your child’s camps yet? 
I am honoured to be able to share with you a series of posts sponsored by Muskoka Woods. My opinion is all my own and 100 % honest.

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.