Frog Life Cycle Educational Booklet

When I was a child, I was frog crazy. I don’t know what it was about frogs to tell you the truth. But, perhaps it’s the frog life cycle that was part of the appeal.

As a student in elementary school, I used to always opt in to do the assignments featuring tadpoles and frogs. I still remember going to a swamp to gather a few tadpoles for a social sciences project in grade five or six, I think. Tadpoles were always plentiful in swamps and ponds in Guelph

It was always fascinating to watch those tadpoles sprout little legs and become full fledged frogs. Kind of miraculous to watch that force of nature transform something that looked like a fish into those squirmy little hoppers.

Anyways, I figured that since everyone has more time on their hands and we are all looking for ways to keep our kids busy, you might want to use the frog life cycle booklet to help. There are several resources here that you can use at this time

When I was very small I was a little bit of a Tom boy and I loved catching frogs. I kept one as a pet in a small backyard cage outside back before we ever had a cat.

To Print this out and use it click on the link below. Don’t forget to check out all the other educational resources I have here on the site for kids and parents too.

There’s a New Bee Life Cycle Booklet here as well. This Earth Day share both with the kids. Also, if you love to bake, then do make these fun Earth Day cupcakes.

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