Feathering Nests and Useful Small Appliances

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My kids are closing in on adulthood. Scary thought, right? Childhood goes far too fast. Right now I am faced with a whole lot of upcoming change and I’d be a liar if I told you that it doesn’t stress me out. The closer we get to college and university the more stressed I am about having all of our ducks in a row. Finances, grades, courses, preparation.

In a few months, my older girl will start applying for university. She hopes and plans to go to school nearby, so the move should be less traumatic for everyone. But there’s always the possibility that schools will match up and be far from home. She plans to pursue a career in social sciences. Sociology, or social work, is where it’s at for her right now.

Making Lists and Checking Them 100 Times

In my head, and on paper too, I make lists. I am a list maker. Tuition. Books, Rent, Furniture, Bedding, Closet Organizers, Meals and Useful Small Appliances. All of these are costs I currently am giving some though to as I add and subtract things from my list.

Planning Ahead for Success

The planning process for secondary education began literally the second that we adopted both of our kids. As soon as we had social insurance numbers and birth certificates and had finalized adoptions, we invested in education savings plans. The kids couldn’t even walk yet and I was plotting how we’d tackle university. So, I feel pretty good about trying to plan financially for our girl’s education.

We have slowly been working on many other things too. Making sure she’s mentally and emotionally ready and also making certain she’s saving money and working too, so she knows the value of hard work. Also, I have been stockpiling a few select small appliances and household items that either of my girls can use or take with them when they eventually move out.

Building Scaffolding

Basically we have spent a portion of the last 18 years building scaffolding around this little person to make sure she eventually succeeds as an adult.

Fingers crossed that all of this works for her. Together, we have planned activities and work and volunteer commitments to be enjoyable and also to support the final goal of where she wants to go in life. Sounds funny to think about that when you are chasing a toddler around the basement or the park, right? Adulthood and university are years away, right?

Well, guess what? We are almost there! Sometimes I still shake my head when I think wait what? Weren’t you just in diapers? Didn’t you just graduate from grade 2? or Grade 6?

Where does that leave me? Well, for me, and my girls too, the planning process matters. Every single step closer can either feel good, or stressful. I know myself and one thing that tips the scales towards optimism and positivity and good mental health, for me, and my family, is working through the planning process. So, I make lists and check things off slowly.

I also have plotted out a few things that will grow with my kids as they become adults. From the time they were little I collected Christmas ornaments and saved them every year. Last year, I had a personalized photo blanket made with photos of our trips and events for my older daughter. It turned out beautifully.

Feathering the Nest

One other thing I have done is collect a few things and put them away for when one of the kids moves out eventually. I have a small stash of items, such as small appliances, blankets, dishes and furniture that’s useful and will help them out if or when they move into residence, or (heaven forbid) if they move to a different city entirely.

This month Hamilton Beach sent the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew single serve coffeemaker. It’s ideal for students, tiny and flexible, plus stylish too. Love that it takes K-cups and also has a separate reusable basket filter too. So, that’s right, you guessed it…this is one of the useful small appliances that goes right into my collection of items for the kids.

Coffee Lovers Unite

If you know me at all then you know I love my coffee and my tea. So, it’s no hardship here for me to test-drive the newest coffee makers or tea makers. In fact, I am an equal opportunity coffee and tea lover. When I spy a new coffee maker or tea maker on the market I instantly want to have it and give it a try. I may also be like that with vacuums. (Strange but true.)

Anyways, here’s what you need to know about the Hamilton Beach Flex Brew single serve coffee maker. 


  • Brews 10 ounces with single serve pack or 14 ounces with ground coffee.
  • Five year warranty
  • Brews into an 8 ounce tall cup or travel mug.
  • Easy-view water window

That makes it one of my new favourite useful small appliances. If you are on the cusp of sending kids to university or college please let me know how you managed the transition. Did you save all the money necessary? Did you get scholarships or apply for some? Did you collect some useful small appliances too?

Now, go give your little people a big hug, because before you know it you will also be here thinking about empty nests and ways to make the transition smooth while collecting slow cookers, and toaster ovens and coffee makers too.

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