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Fighting Allergies in Our Home with Oreck Tru Response

Fighting allergies all year round can be a challenge. Between outdoor allergens in the warm months, and year-round indoor allergens, my family is on constant guard against the allergies we all have. That’s right, every single person in our house suffers from allergies. We get it all – itchy eyes, runny noses, persistent cough, scratchy throats, the whole bit. That’s why I’m excited about our new Oreck Tru Response air purifier. It helps us fight allergies in our homes year round.


Fighting Allergies All Day Every Day

The thing I love about our air purifier is that it’s on constant duty, pulling the allergens out of the air in our home. You see, no matter what you do, allergens get in. Whether it’s the dust, dust mites, and other indoor allergens that are constantly in the home or the outdoor allergens that we bring in with us when we come inside, allergens are everywhere. They’re everywhere, and they’re a constant pain in the neck. Our Oreck Tru Response helps protect us from those allergens by constantly purifying the air in our home.

Oreck’s Tru Response DustSense technology constantly monitors the air passing through its Truman Cell filtration system and works like a magnet to attract and capture dust and allergens from the air. At the same time, the Helios Shield filter combined with UV light reduces VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and helps reduce odors in the air. So basically this air purifier does everything to help keep our air fresh and clean.


Oreck Tru Response Specs

We already have an Oreck DualMax air purifier in our bedroom and we LOVE it. It’s a reliable, easy to clean, low maintenance way to clean the air and keep our room a comfortable haven for sleep. So I was excited to get this table top version for small rooms to use on a different floor. Right now I have it in my living room, but I might use it in my office too if I can ever find a counter space to put it on. Spring cleaning needs to happen in there – soon.

Oreck Tru Response air purifier WK 12500 was built for fighting allergies, and so far it’s doing wonders for our home. Take a look at the specs.

  • DustSence Technology monitors and detects the concentration of particulates in the air.
  • Air quality indication bar changes colors to let you easily determine the number of particles in your air.
  • Truman Cell filtration attracts and captures dust and allergens in the air.
  • Helios Shield system combines TiO2 filtration and UV light to reduce VOCs and control odors.
  • Filters never need to be replaced.
  • Clean filter indicator reminds you to clean the filter.
  • Built-in automatic turn off timer.
  • Customizable speed settings.
  • Night mode with Silence Technology dims the lights and sets fan speed to low for less distraction while you sleep.
  • Compact, portable design.
  • Designed for rooms like kitchens, dens, home offices, and bedrooms.
  • Suitable for rooms up to 23 square meters.

This might sound lame to you but I find it a fun gadget to have handy and love seeing how new innovations like this one benefit families like ours. The Oreck Tru Response air purifier WK 12500 series runs quietly and has a few cool bells and whistles as you can see above.

Fighting Allergies with Oreck Tru Response

The Oreck Tru Response has made fighting allergies a breeze in our home. So far, this beauty has really delivered. I’ve noticed a marked decrease in odors as well as allergy symptoms in our family. I can feel it working, and that’s wonderful. We want to enjoy our summer not suffer through it!

I am giving away one of these air purifiers to one lucky Canadian reader so follow the below instructions for a chance to win.

I am a TTi Floor Care ambassador and as such I receive compensation and various other perks. My opinion is all my own and it is also honest. 

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  • wendy hutton

    I would love this as my town is very dusty and I live right behind an industrial park and get some real nasty smells coming from there

  • Jonnie

    As a family of allergy sufferers, this would be a blessing in our home. I love that the filter doesn;t need replaced and it reminds you to clean it!

  • Tammi L.

    Both my daughter and I have allergies, but like a bunch of dummies we have also have a cat. So between the regular things in the air and now the cat dander, we can use all the help we can get.

    • Paula

      Hahahaha!! I relate to this. We had cats for a zillion years. LOVED them so much but husband was super allergic so yeah didn’t help. This air purifier should help though. Love ours. Good Luck!

  • Bruce L.

    We’ve been looking to get one for a while now because my wife and daughter both have allergies. This sounds like a great one and we’d really appreciate it!

  • Jaimeem

    I could use this air purifier in my home because of all the old carpet and allergies we ha e

  • Kim Tanti

    I have developed allergies and find my self sneezing and getting stuffy a lot in the evening it is the worst. I hope it is not mold in the attic since we lost 1/4 of our roof in the wind storm 3 weeks ago. We are still waiting for insurance to kick in. BOOOOOOO

  • Amy Heffernan

    We live in a basement apartment which is damp 🙁 It would be great to be able to get clean air!

    • Paula

      Good luck Amy. Totally understand that basements can be damp and sometimes musty or mildewy which triggers my allergies every time.

  • Tammy harrison

    I am a severe asthmatic who lives with a cat and a dog. Being able to remove airborne allergens would go a long way to help my health. Thsnks

  • Gillian morgan

    I need this because our allergies have been so much worse the last two years with the increase in pollen in our area.

  • Catherine Robichaud

    This would be wonderful for our place because I have asthma and both my boys have allergies.


    I need this because of my seasonal allergies. Thanks I do not have one but think this would be a help to me. I sneeze and am often filled up this time of year.

  • Stephanie

    I’d love to win because this would really clear up the air in my house and help us to sleep better!

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    We have two cats and there hair is everywhere despite my best efforts to clean it daily. This device would do a great job cleaning the air quality in my house.

  • Bruce L.

    I need this because my wife and daughter have allergies! We’ve been looking at air purifiers for a bit now.f

  • Tammi l.

    I have mild asthma and both my daughter and I suffer from allergies… we need an air purifier and to win one would be AWESOME! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Tina L.

    I would love to win this air purifier to help with allergies. I love the compact size so it doesn’t take up too much space and that you do not need to replace the filters.

  • wendy hutton

    I would love to win this as my house is always dusty and the air quality in my town is never the best

  • michelle tremblett

    This is fantastic! I inherited a cat from my mother, my husband is allergic to him but its too late weve fallen in love haha. Sure this would help with the allergies 🙂

    • Paula

      Oh Michelle! I so relate to this comment. Cat lover for years. They passed away when my kids were younger but my husband with his allergies – well not so great with cat fur. LOL.

  • Maritess S

    I need this because our house is very busy with both little people and pets moving between the inside and outside of the house. We also live by a road that sees constant traffic that the dust around our house is just ridiculous.

  • Bruce L.

    I need this for my wife and daughter who have allergies. It would be great in our little condo! Thanks

  • Tammi L.

    My daughter and I both have allergies and I also have mild asthma… we’ve known that we should have an air purifier but there is always something else that has priority. This would be a huge blessing!

  • Tammi L.

    I need one of these to help my daughter and I with our allergies… to win would be such a blessing!

  • Bruce L.

    We need an air purifier and appreciate the size and portability of this one as we live in a very small condo.

  • Lee-Ann S

    Aside from the fact that I don’t get along well with pollen we need this air purifier to help keep our house free from stale smells like wet dog or camping closed up.

  • Jaimeem

    I need this air purifier because I have old carpets and this would help with all of the dust that can get kick3d up

  • Krista M

    My son’s allergies are so terrible right now. From the moment he wakes up his nose is all stuffed up & he’s sniffling / sneezing. It’s really affecting his quality of life at school & home. This would be so nice to have to help his daily living.

  • wendy hutton

    I need this to remove dust and other fowl odors we get off the industrial park across the lane from us

  • Tammi L.

    The condo we rent won’t replace our carpets or allow us to do it… *insert rolling eyes here*. Add that to all the other allergens and any little thing we can get to help would be a blessing!

  • Bruce L.

    I figure it would save me a bundle in kleenex alone. My wife and daughter both have allergies and these are supposed to make a big difference, so would be great to win. Thanks.

  • Bruce L.

    I need this for our condo, it is very hot so we need to keep our windows open and get a lot of dust. We allergies in the family so it is a big issue.

  • Tammi L.

    I need this to improve the quality of our day to day lives as two of us have allergies and it makes things miserable… always stuffed up, sneezing, sniffling – you know the commercials. LOL.

  • wendy hutton

    would love this as the air qulaity in my town is not the best and this would help in my house

  • jan

    my mother’s house really needs an air purifier. she lives in a musty old house and it needs filtering.

  • Tammi L.

    I’ve needed an air purifier for years but every time we should buy it there is always something else that puts it down the list again. You know how it is… it should be a priority, and it is, but…

  • Tara Betterley

    I have recently developed allergies and they are out of control. This will help to relieve my breathing and nose congestion.

  • em

    this would help with my allergies. weird i just started getting allergies as of last year. plus this would be great to clear out those odors from my daughter’s room

  • jan

    all the people in the house have allergies and I am sure this purifier would help us with that.

  • Bruce L.

    I need this because we live on a road and the dust that comes into our house is crazy. This is bad because the two ladies in my house have allergies.

  • Tammi L.

    I need this because 2 of us have allergies and it will improve our day to day lives! Thanks!

  • Bruce L.

    I need this for my wife and daughter, they both have allergies and suffer when it’s dry – which is always lately. The air quality in our condo isn’t great because we need to keep our windows open.

  • Marlene J

    I need this for my mom who has breathing problems. This would help the air quality in the home for her.

  • HEIDI C.

    My son and I have a lot of allergies so I would love to have an air purifier to see if it helps us.

  • Tammi L.

    I need this to help my daughter and I with our allergies, thank you! I have to say… it’s hard not saying the exact same thing day after day, lol!

  • Tammi L.

    I need this to help tip the scales towards happy more often for my my moody teenager. 😉

  • Bruce L.

    We could use it because it’s hard to keep up with the dust in the summer around here (we live on a road), and we have allergy sufferers.

    • Paula

      Bruce – I can relate to this. I feel better that this Oreck Tru Response is actually busting some of the dust from the room and in my house right now.

  • Tammi l.

    I feel a little redundant, sorry, but I need one because my daughter and I have allergies and this would improve our lives. Thanks.

  • Tammi L.

    I need one to help purify my air… it will improve our lives as we have allergies. Thanks!

  • Lillian O'Malley

    We have developed chronic coughs and sinus problems for the first time this year. The Oreck air cleaner will help our breathing a lot, especially at night.

  • ivy pluchinsky

    They say the air in your home is not clean, so this would be awesome to have in our home.

  • Heidi Carlson-Reid

    I am questioning the air quality of our home because my son and i are constantly congested when we are insidw.

  • Michelle W

    I would like this air purifier to kill those nasty germs, viruses and bacteria that cause sickness.

  • Tammi L.

    This would help keep some of the allergens down for my daughter and I. Fingers crossed, thanks

  • Kristi

    I’m very sensitive to dust and odours, would love this to help clean the air to make breathing easier.

  • Bruce L.

    I need it for my wife who, along with our daughter, need one to assist with the symptoms from allergies.

  • Belinda McNabb

    With two cats, a teen and windows closed all summer because the AC is on this will keep our home fresh and healthy for all of us

  • Michael Hurst

    My air cleaner just died so this giveaway timing is great! Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  • Betty S

    We live in an old house and dust is such an issue. I would love to be able to provide clean air for my family

  • Bruce L.

    I need this to help make life easier at home for my family, with allergies being an issue for my wife and daughter there is a lot of sniffling and sneezing that goes on all day long.

  • Jaimeem

    I need this in my life because I have dusty old carpets, pets and kids. Creates a bit of a mess

  • Jess

    Thank you for the amazing contest! Each year my since I’ve been a child my allergies bother me the moment spring rolls around. This would be awesome to have in the house to help me with seasonal allergies. Allergy pills every day is a must for me.

  • jan

    it would be a debate whether we keep it for our allergies or whether I gift it to a mom with a musty house