Five Easy Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

Easy delicious gluten free lunch ideas

Gluten free eating is on the grow. Did you know that? In fact over the coming decade it is rumoured that 25 per cent of the population might be eating gluten free. Chances are good, that even if you don’t eat gluten free right now, that someone you know eats gluten free.

I recently ran a gluten free roundup here and was shocked at the response to the post. That shows me that many of my readers are gluten free. In fact I was gluten free for several years in my twenties because my Crohn’s Disease was probably at its worst ever back then. I was very limited with what I could eat and it seemed for many years like almost every food gave me stomach pain. So dairy was banished for at least a decade or more and then I went gluten free. I was gluten free and dairy free for at least five to ten years in my twenties. Back then gluten free was not what it is today. Today’s gluten free community has a lot of options. Even many popular restaurants are on board. I keep saying this, and one day soon I will do it. I really need to try this again and see what it does for my energy levels and my weight. I need to shed about five to ten pounds.

Here is the link to my popular Twenty Fantastic gluten free recipes roundup post. I know you will find some great recipes there. And here are five easy gluten free lunch ideas.

Easy Gluten Free Lunch Ideas

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