Five Facts You Might Not Know About Puerto Vallarta #Travel

Puerto Vallarta Facts are good to know before you visit. This beach hotspot is stunning to visit, if you ever head to Mexico. Here you will find great food and a rich culture as well. Plus this area is very family friendly. It is so much more than a cruise ship port. Here are a few Puerto Vallarta facts you might not know about this cosmopolitan city.

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This week I visit Puerto Vallarta, a place I have never visited before despite having travelled to Mexico a few times. Until now I thought of Puerto Vallarta as a cruise ship destination and not a travel vacation hotspot. My visit proved me wrong.

Five Puerto Vallarta Facts

1. In 1963, famous U.S. movie director John Huston filmed The Night of the Iguanas in a small town near Puerto Vallarta. The media frenzy over the affair between co-stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton made the city a romantic beach destination for American tourists.
2. Three rivers (the Cuale, the Pitillal, and the Ameca) run through Puerto Vallarta. Puerto Vallarta is located on the Banderas Bay, the largest bay in Mexico, and the second largest bay in North America.
3. Puerto Vallarta Facts – did you know that Puerto Vallarta is home to five different species of sea turtles? And also three species of dolphins, and humpback whales?
4. The second most visited resort city in Mexico, Puerto Vallarta boasts over two million visitors a year staying in over 90 hotels. More Puerto Vallarta Facts – this resort town is popular with both national and international tourists and was named the friendliest city in the world.
5. The Malecon—Puerto Vallarta’s seaside boardwalk—stretches 3 kilometers and offers shopping, dining and music, plus sculptures by local artists and sunset views.
 Puerto Vallarta is more than worth the visit. Have you ever been there?

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