women's health issues

Frank Talk About Women’s Health Issues #NoShame #ad

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If you ever visit this space then you know I am nothing if not frank and honest regarding women’s health issues. Whether it’s infertility or menopause, menstruation, or digestive issues, I have no qualms sharing personal stories. Sometimes telling your story helps someone else understand they are not alone.


women's health issues

Many women’s health issues and symptoms are swept under the carpet, even still in 2017. Women and men can often be reluctant, even embarrassed, to discuss health issues, especially intimate health. Sometimes it’s those conversations you don’t want to have that are the most important ones. Don’t be afraid to share your stories about parenting, digestive issues and reproductive health. They can help someone else.

I am a Mom of two teenage girls. I grew up trusting Midol and I now keep it around the house should my daughters need it. In our house we are familiar with symptoms of irregularity. In fact one of my girls has used Restoralax on and off for many years. Whether its period pain or constipation, every woman occasionally needs relief from pain or constipation. And in fact sometimes it’s that time of the month when bloating and constipation go hand in hand. NO FUN!

women's health issues

You’ve heard that saying – no question is stupid. Well, that goes doubly for questions about women’s health. No question is stupid, and there’s no shame in asking when it comes to overall well-being.

The Things That Help Around Here:

  • Everyone has been constipated at one time or other. Being constipated is not pleasant. Not only does it cause abdominal pain or discomfort, but it can also affect how you feel about yourself, especially if it leaves you feeling bloated or sluggish too. RestoraLAX®, can effectively restore your body’s natural rhythm without the side effects like cramps, bloating or gas. We have used this for years and we take it with us when you travel too. There’s nothing worse than being far from home when digestive upset hits. We don’t want anything to ruin a vacation or a media trip, so it is one of those things that goes where we go.


  • Every month, women all over the world go through the discomfort of cramps, bloating, and headaches with periods. With Midol®, you can help relieve these common symptoms.


Topics that Shouldn’t be Taboo:

  • Urinary incontinence is another subject that can be hard to discuss. According to CanadianContinence.ca, as many as 3.3 million Canadians (nearly 10% of the general population) experience some form of it, with 33% of women over the age of 40 experiencing symptoms. The Canadian Continence Foundation website has useful information from doctors and tips on how to manage it.
  • When people think of vaginal issues, the first thought usually jumps to UTIs or yeast infections. The not-so-talked-about Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) is a very common occurring infection. BV can occur when the pH balance in the vagina is affected, as a high pH level allows growth of undesirable bacterial microorganisms. The main symptoms associated with BV are odour and abnormal discharge. The makers of Canesten have launched CanesBalance® to help you treat the symptoms of the infection by restoring the normal vaginal pH level and relieving abnormal vaginal discharge and odour.
  • Menopause and aging are both natural processes. I wrote a series about that last year. It’s important to be able to talk frankly about menopause, so that women can find common solutions to alleviating symptoms of things like hot flashes. Menopause can be challenging, both physically and emotionally. Nonetheless there are many ways you can prepare for women’s health events, such as menopause. Maintain a nutritious diet, exercise and balance stress in your life. Talk to your doctor and family/friends who may have already gone through menopause.

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Share the Word about Women’s Health Issues and Take Back Your Life:

Whatever the case or issue, make a habit out of talking about it frankly and openly. Women should never feel ashamed about discussing any aspect of their health. I’d love to hear your thoughts on these common women’s health issues.

What issue plagues you and do you talk about it?

This post is sponsored by Bayer. To make sure these products are right for you, always read and follow the label.

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  • robin Rue

    Thank god for Midol! I am not quiet about the fact that my periods have changed as I have gotten older. My cramps are the WORST they have ever been.

  • Franc Ramon

    Being constipated is always tough on the system as it makes you feel uneasy and bloated. It’s nice that there is Restolax to help you on constipation and the bloating effect.

  • Alli Smith

    I’ve always talked openly and honestly about women-related health issues with my girls. I remember having severe period cramps and I always used Midol to get relief. Now, I recommend it to my daughters.

  • Christy Maurer

    You’ve got to be open about women’s health issues! My poor daughter has PCOS so she has to be on birth control just to have her periods. It is rough being a woman!

  • David Elliott

    Wow, my daughter has had to deal with all of these things, and she is only ten. I didn’t know about the last of the medications here, but thank you for the advice. I know I will need to keep some good medication for her around here when she is with me.

  • Monica

    As a Registered Nurse, I have always taken an honest and open approach to all health related issues, including women’s health. If a woman is experiencing a health issue I can fairly confidently assure you that you are not alone. Talking openly removes barriers, we should all be doing this more.

  • My Teen Guide

    We must be more open in talking about issues that plague us women. Midol has helped my mom, me, my sisters, my daughter, and my gazillion nieces during the pain and discomfort of having our periods. I think being more open about our health issues with family and with a doctor will help with early detection and cure instead of keeping it to ourselves and self-medicating.

  • Jeanette

    I have learned quite a while ago not to be ashamed of my health issues. If people don’t know what’s wrong with me how are they supposed to help me. I definitely think there’s no reason to be embarrassed and this is coming from someone that has a lot of stomach issues.

  • lisa

    I am not shy about any kind of health issue. I’ve had my share of health problems and I have a degree in Biology. I am always telling my kids they can talk to me about anything. Nothing is taboo.

  • Ana John

    Studies suggest that women may be at greater risk for developing chronic pain and pain-related disability. Glad more people are talking about it

  • Shirley Wood

    As a mother of two daughters, we have purchased Midol often through the years. It really helps with the pain. Women’s health issues should be discussed for awareness so we can all be prepared and know what to do.

  • candy

    I never understood the taboo on talking about bodily functions. We all face at one time difficulties and as women we have even more bodily functions every month. Great products are always welcomed.

  • Laura

    My issue is bloating. I just can’t seem to figure out the cause of it. I love how you’re encouraging open conversation about women’s health!

  • Jaime Nicole

    I completely agree with you – these are issues that should be talked about, not swept under the rug! Thanks for bringing some awareness!

  • Olivia

    I’m fairly private about most things, but I appreciate when others feel comfortable talking about these issues. With my daughters it’s different though. I want them to learn real, factual info, so we talk about anything.

  • Lisa Favre

    As a woman, there is so much to take into consideration in terms of keeping healthy. Good thing we have all sorts of resources these days to keep us in tip top shape!

  • Anita Anderson

    I talk about these issues with my girlfriends. Lately, it has been about birth control side effects. I have been on Mirena for years now and love that I do not get my monthly flow. I had to have it removed as it moved and had fibroids that needed to be removed as well. Fast forward a month since the surgery and I get my monthly flow out of nowhere and it really through me for a loop. I have been getting tender breast and read up that it was the side effects of the Mirena. Note I never had this happened before but speaking to someone else make me feel better that it is not all in my head. My body is changing and that is the reason.

  • Destany Alayne Pingle

    Lately I’ve had a lot of discussions with my friends about birth control pills and the side effects. I’ve been off the pill for several years, and lately my system’s all wonky (suggesting I need to be back on them).

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    I love this post. It is so important that we are honest.. Everyone goes through these things and by talking ab out it, we find out that others are with us.

  • Chrishelle Ebner

    I love that you are so open and honest. I am a nurse and mom of two teenage girls. Talking about body issues is common place around our house. My girls have no shame when it comes to digestive or menstrual issues. Good for you for going public.