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Free Cheery DIY Spring Bookmarks Printable

Need a simple craft for a book lover in your life? Or maybe you need something cute to put in the kid’s Easter baskets? These cute and cheery DIY Spring Bookmarks are the ticket.

DIY Spring Bookmarks
DIY Spring Bookmarks

Are you a huge reader like I am? Are your kids voracious readers too? And, are you also exactly like my husband and I because you can never find a bookmark when you need one? I hate losing my page! I also hate not being able to find the bookmarks that should be all over my home. Sometimes I think they are like socks! Well, anyways life is about to get easier if you do this quick and easy DIY Spring Bookmarks craft.

DIY Spring Bookmarks

For this craft you will need:

  1. the DIY Spring Bookmarks printable above.
  2. Cardstock for your printer
  3. One roll of ribbon from the Dollar Store
  4. Scissors

Easy peasy.

Click on the link below and print these bookmarks out on your printer. Plain white Card stock paper works best. Decide how many you are going to make. Then print them out.

Cut each out carefully. Cut a small hole where it indicates to do so at the top. (Black dot)

Cut numerous small lengths of ribbon (as many as are needed for the bookmarks you plan to make)

Fold Ribbon in half and put the top part through the hole. Thread through about 2 cms or 1 inch at most. Open that portion of ribbon into a loop and then thread the ends of the ribbon through so that you have a nice little tail for the bookmarks and something to dangle out of the book you are reading.

You could make these DIY Spring Bookmarks for an Easter gift for kids, or even just as an additional present inside a book if you want to give them something from the Easter bunny that’s not candy this year.

Now get reading!!

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  • Alli

    My grandkids would love to find these in their Easter baskets. I’m so happy that they love to read as much as I do. So cute!!

  • Denise

    I love making these with all the kids, it gets them to be creative and enjoy reading because they want to see their bookmarks. Thank you

  • Kita

    These are super cute. To this, I still use bookmarks when I am reading. I even use them in my planner because I really love them. This is a perfect gift for my kids class.

  • Andi

    This DOES look easy! Awesome! Thanks for the tips. 🙂 (I think they are like socks, disappearing – I’ve used business cards, post-it notes and envelopes when I’m desperate.)

    • Paula

      Bahahaha – Andi we use the weirdest things too. Old letters, my kids have both used their iPods and iPhones…which actually le to my one daughter almost having hers disconnected because she misplaced both book and iPhone bookmark which was hilarious when I found it. Honestly, who does that?

  • Angelic Sinova

    I love a good DIY project! Those bookmarks are absolutely adorable and they’re definitely perfect for spring. I can’t wait to use them <3

  • Liz Mays

    These are really cute and they’re easy enough to make. I always tried to encourage my kids to read more in the summer. They had some great reading programs at the local library.

  • Jaime Nicole

    We are forever trying to find bookmarks around here! These are so cute that we will definitely have to add them to the collection so we can stay on track.

  • Heather

    These are cute. My son is always loosing his bookmark, but we read our books on the kindle. Still you never know when you’ll want to save yor place in something you are reading.

  • Jess

    Such a super cute idea – going to make these for my kids at school. Always finding something that will promote reading 🙂