Gum Crayola Squeeze-A-Colour Toothpaste Review

Crayola Toothpaste? Well, that’s a kick in the pants. Why not have a bit of fun with something so tedious, right?

GUM’s Squeeze-A-Color Crayola Toothpaste makes me want to be a kid again.
That was my reaction this summer when I discovered Crayola had partnered with Gum to make Crayloa Squeeze-A-Color toothpaste. Squee! I was giddy and I felt like a child again. Had this kind of fun toothpaste been around when I was a child, I might not have needed so many dentist appointments over the years.

Make Brushing Fun Again

Every parent on the planet knows how difficult it can be to get a child to commit to brushing their teeth regularly. As a parent of two tween girls I can now relate strongly to how great a chore this must have been for my own mother. In fact, I hated brushing my teeth. When I was a child, I would have rather been playing, or reading, and so I avoided brushing, or I pretended to be brushing.

Tooth Tales

In our very early childhood before my mother got hired as a full-time teacher, we had no dental insurance. By the time we did get dental insurance, the damage had been done. At eight or nine, I had two cavities, a bit of an overbite, a need for braces, and also sadly gum disease. Some of that was easy to fix and some of it took a huge investment of cash.

More Options for Fun

Back in the 80s we had two options for toothpaste: Crest and Colgate. Aim was occasionally thrown in there too. Luckily, now as a parent, I have so many fun alternatives. There is a massive section in every drug store dedicated to teeth. Characters on toothbrushes. Battery-operated spinning toothbrushes and fun flosser picks. I love being able to pick out fun options that encourage and nurture life long good hygiene habits for my kids. Having fun choices for dental hygiene makes night time routines less of a battle.

Who is This For?

The GUM Crayola Toothpaste is designed to make brushing teeth a fun and interesting experience for children ages 2+. A unique small nozzle dispenses a thin strip of toothpaste, allowing children to mix and match the three non-staining colours and delicious flavours, including Melon Blast (Red), Blueberry Burst (Blue), and Jazzy Apple (Green), to make tooth brushing a creative experience for kids.


My Impressions

Crayola is a brand I am fiercely loyal too. I look forward to seeing how this brand evolves every season. From crayons to crayon makers and creative craft kits, Crayola helps me nurture creativity and build strong, confident children. As for brands, Crayola crayons have always been our first choice. My youngest daughter with sensory processing disorder presses too hard when she prints and colours. Other brands of crayons snap into pieces and frustrate her, but Crayola rarely breaks under pressure and always lasts longer than their competitor’s brands. So when Crayola comes out with anything new I am standing in line with my hand up ready to try it.

Happy to say that Crayola toothpaste didn’t disappoint me. I have been using it with my kids and I like the melon flavour best, but and get a kick out of combining colours. The GUM Crayola Squeeze-A-Color Toothpaste provides the dentist-recommended amount of fluoride to strengthen young teeth and that it will help end nightly brushing battles.

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This product gets a $$$$$ out of $$$$$ for being spectacular.

I received product for free, and was under no obligation to review this item. I was not compensated for this review. I simply loved this product so much I really wanted to share it with my readers.

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