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Health Warrior Chia Bars: Energy Bar Review and #giveaway (US only)


So what exactly is a Health Warrior Chia seed Bar and how can it keep your exercise, fitness and health regimen on track this holiday season? Chia is an ancient seed once used by the Tarahumara Indians to fuel their bodies. Legend has it they ran barefoot for miles all day long fuelled by Chia seeds. It is a seed that was once important to Aztec and Mayan diets and medicine. A powerful antioxidant, Chia has more Omega 3 fatty acids than salmon, more fibre than oatmeal, more calcium than milk, more protein than tofu and more magnesium than broccoli. Health Warrior’s 100 calorie and 110 calorie Chia bars contain Chia as their number one ingredient.

Energy bars are something we often use here as part of our daily life. But I am cautious about what I give to my family. Energy bars have to be safe and natural. This was a first for us – trying chia seed energy bars. Health Warrior Chia bars are not yet available in Canada, but they are in the US. Read on for a chance to win a case of these tasty Chia bars. Each Health Warrior Chia bar has 1000 mgs of Omega 3.That’s potent brain food. They contain 5 grams of sugar and 4 grams of fibre of fibre. They are dairy and soya free as well as suitable for vegan diets. Chia may help prevent cardiovascular disease.

Holidays and Your Fitness Routine
It’s the most wonderful time of the year – just not for your waistline. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then Christmas holidays take a toll on your regular diet and exercise regimen. And, while holidays are a great time to celebrate, it’s best to approach with moderation so you don’t end up working for months to get back to your ideal weight and health. Reach for a Health Warrior Chia Bar to sustain you before or after workouts, or even just for a snack.

I was given a case of Chia Coconut flavour health bars recently. I contemplated giving some out as a healthy snack option for kids around Halloween, but sampled one bar in the coconut flavour and loved it. Chia is an ancient seed the Aztec warriors used to use to fuel their bodies. The case we received didn’t last long because we enjoyed them so much.

The Health Warrior Chia bars are nutrient dense and 100 % natural. Each bar is about 100 calories. The coconut flavour is the only one I was given to try, and it contains about 110 calories, but Health Warrior Chia bars also come in acai berry and chocolate peanut butter. I enjoy coconut flavour foods, but don’t enjoy coconut itself. Luckily, these bars aren’t grainy, gritty or stringy, but quite flavourful. The coconut chia seed bar was very easy to take and the entire family really loved them. I often hesitate to give my children power bars or snacks that are fuel for athletes, but knowing that the Health Warrior chia bars were only 100 calories made me feel comfortable sharing. My husband, who eats a variety of different nutritional supplements, power bars, energy bars and protein shakes since starting martial arts practice over two years ago, really liked Health Warrior Chia bars, but complained they were too small. My oldest daughter took some to school for snack and put them in her purse for nights when she rehearses. Everyone found the taste appealing and the calorie content supported our family nutrition goals.

Over the holidays, while kids are coming back from trick or treating with pillow cases full of treats containing artificial flavours and colours, dense with corn syrup and fructose, you may want to keep a case of Chia bars on hand to trade them out. Chia is a powerful nutrient, lately being dubbed the ultimate superfood. They can be found on shelves in Whole Foods Market.

To Win: Follow the rafflecopter instructions. Only open to US. These bars are about $1.89 a piece in the US and $29.99 a case.

These Health Warrior Chia bars get a $$$$ out of $$$$$. The cost is comparable to other bars on the market. I liked that this is a *new* superfood in some ways and that I felt good about giving this one to my whole family. Also it tasted amazing actually.

a Rafflecopter giveawayDisclosure: I received product to enable me to complete this review. I was not paid for this and my opinion is all my own.

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