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Poland Next In Line To Fund In Vitro Fertilization #OHIP4IVF #ONPOLI

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Poland is expected to be the latest country to agree to fund in vitro fertilization for couples in  need. Polish Prime Minister Donald Trusk announced Monday his plans to finance in vitro fertilization for couples needing help to conceive. 

This summer, Poland is expected to fund three rounds of IVF for couples needing assisted reproduction technology. The announcement is generating a lot of buzz already and, is the second such commitment in the country by a politician interested in change. The Prime Minister`s announcement has come after Mayor Krzysztof Matyjaszczyk, the 38-year-old mayor of Czestochowa, also advocated that city cash be allocated to pay for local couples to have in vitro fertility treatment. Both politicians face fierce criticism and opposition from the Catholic church.

In vitro fertilization is a medical procedure to assist infertile couples seeking to conceive children. The process involves injecting eggs with sperm outside the womb. The Polish plan would permit funding for couples for whom all other treatment has failed. Couples would be permitted to undergo three rounds of IVF.

IVF has been an option for couples in Poland for many years. But it has never been funded or available to those who cannot afford it. IVF is funded in Belgium, Sweden, Australia and Israel. In Canada, Quebec is the only province fully committed to public funding for in vitro fertilization. Alberta is potentially next in line to enact public funding. In Ontario, parents and parents in waiting are working hard get the province to adopt a policy like Quebec`s.

Conceivable Dreams is a grassroots organization advocating for better awareness for infertile couples and public funding for IVF in Ontario. Please follow the conversation and lend your voice to our families and families in waiting.

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