Helping Your Daughter Prepare for her Period

If you are the parent of a daughter over the age of 9 then you need to be having some period conversations regularly so she knows what to expect. Now there’s a product that can help facilitate the talk, and prepare your daughter for menstruation.

If you are the parent of a tween girl, chances are good you know this familiar scene. One minute she’s the sweet little girl you know and love and the next minute she’s consumed by mood swings, dramatic shrieks and slamming doors. It’s enough to make your head spin. I’ve come to view these tempestuous mood swings as nature’s warning signs on the path of growing your daughters. Like little signposts warning Mom or Dad hey it’s time to start talking and preparing both you and your daughter for the day she gets her period.
All Grown Up – can help you face the challenges together while giving your daughter some tools to manage the transition. If we are honest, growing up can be an awkward, embarrassing, and sometimes terrifying experience. And it can be pretty rough watching your daughters go through it too! All Grown Up is here to help, by educating parents about the issues surrounding teen girls. Why? Because when you know how to walk this road together, it becomes a more positive experience for everyone.
All Grown Up exists for a variety of reasons— primarily as a helpful resource for teen girls and parents of teen girls. I found the site at least a year ago and started poking around for help on what to say and how to manage the conversation. 
We know that:
  • Estrogen can wreak havoc on even the sweetest little girls!
  • Preparing your daughter for her first menstrual period is one of your most important responsibilities.
  • The long-term, physical and emotional health of your daughter is largely dependent on her experience of puberty. (No pressure!)
  • Communicating with your daughter about intimate, bodily functions is not easy.
  • If your daughter doesn’t get honest, reliable information from you, there’s no telling what she’ll get from someone else.
  • Daughters who are well prepared to handle the challenges of life grow up to be strong, confident women.
The All Grown Up Kit contains some fantastic tools for the journey and a few fun extras too. And it all comes in a cute and discreet little carry case that’s perfect for camp or travel. It’s an all in one feminine hygiene kit. Follow the AGU on twitter to learn more.

Included in the All Grown Up Period kits:

Pads, tampons, Advil, heating pad, wipes, body spray, underwear and capri pants. There is also some informational material. The kit is available worldwide and the site accepts Paypal.

All Grown Up Contents exactly:

1. Promotional AGU Bag :  1PC (black screen print logo)
2. Sunglass Cinch Sack:  1PC
3. AGU Instruction:  1PC
4. AGU Calendar w/Spiral:  1 SET
5. Heating Pad:  1PC
6. Body Lotion:  1PC
7. Body Soap:  1PC
8. Hand Sanitizer:  1PC
9. Wet Wipes:  1SET (10PCS)
10. Panties:  1PC
11. CAPRI Pants
This Post was sponsored by AGUkits. I received compensation for writing this period post. My opinion is all my own.

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