Last PD Day of the Year: Madagascar and Claritin Party

jun 1, 2012 kinder and claritin 038

Just in time for the last PD Day of the year, on a rainy June morning, my Madagascar, Children’s Claritin Mom Crew package arrived bursting with movie items. Madagascar and Dreamworks have partnered with Children’s Claritin to give away some special items promoting the release of Madagascar 3D this week.

jun 1, 2012 kinder and claritin 049

My children, and their friends are big fans of Madagascar, the movie. And they can hardly wait for the release of the third instalment this week at theatres. So, our movie day started with children’s meals from Wendy’s and right into Madagascar 2 (yes, that’s right, 2. We voted and the kids wanted to watch them backwards. So, that’s what we did.) Payton dubbed it “the best PD Day ever.”

Madagascar is, as you may or may not know, the story of a quirky band of zoo animals that continuously find themselves displaced and struggle to get back home. (My daughter Ainsley finds it extremely funny.) In the third movie, the crew somehow finds that they are in the circus. I think they use it as a means to get back home. This would make a great end of school year party. Take your kids to Madagascar 3 to celebrate good grades, a successful year, or even just the start of the summer. Summer birthday party? Madagascar 3 would also be a great highlight.

jun 1, 2012 kinder and claritin 043

Anyways, right now as a #kindermom I received a number of eggs that are specially marked and containing Madagascar toys too. We have been giving those out this week. This is one of the Penguins of Madagascar. We have a Gloria, the Hippo magnifying glass too. My promotions and brand ambassador jobs have happily coincided this spring.

This year, with the strange hot spells we have been getting, my kids have both developed allergies. My oldest child has always had them. She sneezes, just like Dad, from April on until October. Cut grass is particularly a big trigger. We have tried many different allergy medicines to help with the congestion. Now, we are moving onto the Children’s Claritin to see how that works. I will keep you advised, especially next week as we head off to camp for a job. Can’t wait to see if my girl likes the taste of the Children’s Claritin first of all, and if it works better than some of our other brands. My youngest has some special needs and several health issues repeatedly crop up with her. For a time she had a lot of food allergies and lately these have evolved into environmental allergies. Even mine are bad this year. Because of that, and because I am also very into fitness and nutrition, I am researching many different ways to tackle allergies. Boosting the immune system, supplementing diet with children’s vitamins and avoiding certain foods. And using medicine when it is needed.

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Disclosure: I am a Children’s Claritin Mom Crew member and I was not paid to post this, but I received other perks instead. My opinion is all my own. If you are a reader here and your child has allergies, find me this June and I will pass along some of the Claritin samples we have to share Smile

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