Learning Toys Summer -Spark Story Starters Review

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My kids are storytellers. Sometimes that’s good. Sometimes it leads to some confusion here at the Schuck casa. You know those moments when you go is that a real event or was that completely fictional? No matter.
This is a review of a great summer vacation tool I have found to keep my girls engaged and creative. I won these Spark Story Starters one year ago and we played with them last summer a lot and we take them with us sometimes when we travel. We also pick them up randomly as I did on the weekend and use them to slow my one child down. Those of you who are my regular readers know who which of my lovely girls I am referring to. Anyways, on the weekend my girly was spinning and also tired and so I reached for these again – they have been tucked away in a drawer for awhile and so they were essentially brand new again.
We cuddled in my room (something 9 year-old girls are much less inclined to do than they used to be) and we played this game for awhile. Actually we played it for at least half an hour. Speedy the youngest daughter who runs through life at 100 km/h was still that long. Astonishing really.
Spark Story Starters is a deck of cards with a scenario contained on each card that gets you talking.
Like this: If you could ride any animal for an hour, which animal would you choose? How about for a month?
And this: If you could have only one word on your T-shirt, what would it be? Why?
Well, these simple questions get my girls talking and they get them thinking and building stories with a little imagination. More importantly they get me a few minutes of connection with them. They are a lot of fun and an easy little thing to take with you on the road. Fun for those rainy days at the cottage too.
Spark Story Starters are recommended for all ages and all imaginations. They are Canadian and developed by Canadian Moms. They have also won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Seal of Approval. You can find them here – and they are also one of Learning Toys Canada’s incredible toys available from their site. At $11.99 I think these are a steal and a full $$$$$ out of $$$$$.
Disclosure: I won a set of these. I thought you would be interested. My opinion is all my own and I was not paid to post this.

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