Love Out Loud with Teleflora for the Holidays

Love out loud. Christmas is a wonderful time to celebrate all your loves. Around Thanksgiving we start reflecting in earnest on the year that has gone by and the spirit of gratitude and thankfulness is high. It would be lovely if that was the case all year round but sometimes we need reminders of what we are grateful for. That’s sort of what Teleflora’s #LoveOutLoud campaign is about.


Gratitude, thankfulness and love. Love Out Loud is more than the tag line for Teleflora’s #LoveOutLoud campaign. The idea has been around forever, as long as love has existed. Live out Loud and Love Out Loud sort of mean the same thing to me. Go Big or Go Home. Show your feelings and let people know that you appreciate them, love them, and are thankful they are in your life.

When you care about someone, let them know it through both words and deeds. Remind them often how special they are to you. I do that with my girls all the time. In fact, love out loud is part of my daily style with family. This is also how I was raised actually and I am forever grateful for that. Expressing love has always been easy here. It’s something we do daily. I never want my kids to question how much I love them or even whether I care enough to show it.

I love you. Three little words that show so much. They matter and I tell my kids daily. To me, flowers show love. They are beautiful to look at and appreciate and they make the home so much cheerier this time of year especially. Flowers lift everyone’s spirits on gloomy dark winter days. Maybe you are not as expressive as we are. A beautiful bouquet of flowers, a lovely seasonal arrangement can be a way to help facilitate the words.


Love Out Loud with Teleflora

Teleflora wants everyone to #LoveOutLoud this holiday season. To get everyone in the love out loud, holiday spirit, Teleflora will be unveiling a series of sharable online videos beginning on December 13th. These videos will profile real people as they declare their love one bouquet at a time!  The holidays are the perfect time to go overboard, so check out all of Teleflora’s social media platforms as well as their website to see how other people went above and beyond in their #LoveOutLoud videos.

These videos are the perfect inspiration for us so we can love out loud, as well. And since I’m a big Teleflora fan, I’ll be sharing love out loud with their beautiful bouquets for the holiday season.

Holiday Bouquets

Teleflora has some amazing holiday bouquets to share this season. These bouquets make the perfect holiday gifts, because they’re more than just flowers in a vase. They are works of art that bring the spirit of Christmas right into the home, making them the perfect addition to the mantle or a great centerpiece.

Winter Pines Centerpiece

I already have this one looking stunning as a centrepiece in the dining room of my home, and I love it. This gorgeous bouquet features two red candles surrounded by creme roses, holiday greens, metallic gold pine cones, and ornaments. There’s a hint of sparkle to this one that the girls love. And the vase is beautiful. It will make a great keepsake long after the flowers have faded. That reminds me, it’s time to get the Peanuts, Snoopy themed cookie jar keepsake out from last year’s collection!

Vintage Sleigh Bouquet

Love out loud with this sleigh bouquet. Filled with red blooms, matte copper ornaments, snow-tipped pine cones, and the scents of fresh Douglas Fir and cedar, this bouquet is a perfect addition to Christmas decor. LOVE this one too. So pretty and cheery.

Classic Pearl Ornament Bouquet

A keepsake ceramic ornament jar holds an explosion of red blooms, pine cones, evergreen sprigs, and pearl ornaments.

Send a Hug Bear Buddy Bouquet

An explosion of red and white blooms, holiday greens, and red berry and snow-tipped pine cone accents are drawn together with a frosted, hand-blown glass cube. And even the cube has a little something extra because it’s hugged by an adorable holiday polar bear.

Woodland Winter Bouquet

A beautiful reflective glass cube holds gorgeous red and white blooms, accented with Douglas Fir, eucalyptus, snow-tipped pine cones, and silver ornaments.

Thomas Kinkade’s Family Tree Bouquet

Nothing says the holidays like Thomas Kinkade. Teleflora has an exclusive bouquet featuring a hand-crafted, hand-painted tree picking scene surrounded by red and white blooms, holiday greens, red ornaments, and pine cones. Gorgeous!!


Love Out Loud with Amazing Bouquets This Christmas

Every year, Teleflora sends me one of their stunning winter arrangements. I can’t tell you how happy they make me. Teleflora has some of the FRESHEST bouquets you can find, and that’s why I love them. They don’t just ship out bouquets from a central location and hope they get to you in good shape. They have over 10,000 florists in North America alone, and these florists prepare your bouquets, so you have the freshest gift possible!

This year, I’ll remember to love out loud with words and flowers and the gift of time too.

I received product or other compensation for this post. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful. 


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