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Monster High Freaky Fusion Movie Release

The girls finally had a chance to celebrate with Monster High’s latest release


The time of year couldn’t be more perfect for a Monster High party! Halloween, plus quirky dolls and cooler climate means more time spent playing indoors creatively.

This weekend we finally had time to invite some neighbors and friends over for the night to party Monster High style.  It was worth the wait and the kids had a blast viewing the latest Monster High Freaky Fusion movie release.

The new release is a hit with the girls.

Monster High has been a great conversation starter here in our new neighbourhood. We moved in February and happily found a lot of kids the same age as my daughters in our new area. Bonus, right? In fact the 8-year-old neighbour beside us is the biggest Monster High fan I have met. So Monster High, and Barbie’s too, have been great icebreakers for the girls making new friends here. Payton is less into dolls because she’s a teen now. But Ainsley at 10 loves to play with dolls still and Monster High characters are just edgy enough for her that they make her feel a bit more like a tween when she is choosing to stage a Monster High play date.

On Saturday night we had some good friends over for dinner and invited their daughter into our Monster High party space. Little Miss R couldn’t keep her hands off the new Monster High purses. With glittery gems and fabric markers that are vibrant, I can’t say I blame her.

Monster High Freaky Fusion DVD is the latest release for the franchise.

While attempting to learn more about her freaky heritage, Frankie Stein travels back in time to the first ever day of Monster High. There, the monsters meet Sparky, a teen who loves to create life. Soon Sparky follows the teens through a time portal and several of the team fuse together into four hybrid monsters. Now they really have to keep Sparky’s experiments from destroying Monster High.

I think she likes it.
I think she likes it.

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