Pokemon Go: Learn To Power Up and Evolve Pokemon Fast

There is no question that the overwhelming positive response to the Pokemon Go app shows that people are ready for this kind of interactive adventure game. Families all over the world are getting outside and enjoying the thrill of the hunt for capturing new and unique Pokemon for their Pokedex. If you’d love to learn how to power up those precious rare Pokemon in your collection, then read on to learn some exciting tips to get them powered up then evolved! Here are a few tips and tricks to help you evolve pokemon fast!

Understanding the Value of Candy and Stardust

First of all, there is some confusion among new users as to what the purpose of the Pokemon candy and stardust are useful for. Let me stress that you want to collect as much of both the candy and the stardust as you possibly can! They are very important ingredients to helping power up your Pokemon and getting them to evolve.


The Pokemon candy is used to evolve and power up your Pokemon. This is just like using a “rare candy” from the Pokemon video games. Catching or hatching a Pokemon normally gets you candies of its type. There are some rare cases where it does not. It may be due to in app glitches still occurring until the app is completely updated.

How to Evolve Pokemon Fast!

Now the stardust should be used to level up your Pokemon also. You need them in addition to your Pokemon candies. You will go through your stardust faster than you go through your candy. Keep an eye on how much you use each time you try to power up your Pokemon. Once the half dome shape fills up all the way to the other side, you will not be able to power up your Pokemon any higher. Evolving it will boost your strength without affecting the line.


Levelling Up Your Trainer Character

The only way to expand the length of the line for powering up your Pokemon is to continue to level up your Trainer character. The trainer is the cool customized character you see walking around on your map. It’s sort of your avatar in the game. Level them up in a variety of ways. Gain experience points and medals by walking around, hatching eggs in the incubators, and catching wild Pokemon (even multiples of the same Pokemon are important). All of that increases your experience points.

Get Walking!

Try playing Pokemon Go during your daily walk for an easy way to boost experience points. Need to walk your dog? Play Pokemon Go on the journey and treat your pooch to a Dog Park to play in while you hunt for Pokemon within the fenced area. Don’t have a dog? Get a walking buddy! Moms, you can have a fun and romantic walk with your spouse or partner. Kids, you can invite your siblings, parents, favourite neighbors, friends, kids from school, or whoever else you love to spend time with. The point is to enjoy the walk and play the app, this way you can hatch those eggs and gain experience points just from walking. All of that helps level up your Trainer.

Pokemon Go: Learn To Power Up and Evolve Pokemon Fast

You and your powerful Pokemon are now ready to battle! Go adventuring to find the nearest Pokemon Gym. if you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to choose a team to join. The options are: Team Instinct (yellow), Team Valor (red), or Team Mystic (blue). The professor will appear on your screen and introduce you to all three teams. You get to choose.

Have fun Pokemon Trainers! Go catch them all!

Have you got Pokemon Go yet? If so what do you think? Do you have any tips to evolve Pokemon fast.

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  • Catherine S

    It is fun and great way to get exercise. I have walked more in the last 2 weeks than I have all year. I just hit level 14 last night.

  • Rachel Langer

    With 9 and 12 year old boys, there isn’t much we have in common and anything I normally want to do with them they are not into. And vice versa. We have LOVED playing Pokemon Go together!

  • Rosey

    I started to read out loud to see how fast my son would jump up and come over to me. It took about 3 seconds. 🙂

  • Lisa Rios

    I agree that people are so much addicted to interactive adventure games & Pokemon Go made the best out of it. I have been a crazy fan of Pokemon since childhood & despite staying busy & restless as a working mom, I could not control installing this App!