Qixels is a Fun Crafty Toy for Any Child #TMMGG2015


Qixels arrived here this Fall and it caught my eye because it combines a little flavour of video game characters with hands on crafting. The kids were each grappling for it immediately. I actually had to hold them off on this one because there were many days we didn’t have time to sit and photograph and do this review justice. A couple of weeks ago we finally had a chance to sit and enjoy this cute crafty toy.

I first saw Qixels at a toy show months ago and it seemed to me that it had a Minecraft kind of feel to it. That extends the life of a toy right now in my house because Minecraft is a real favourite of both my girls, and the neighbour’s children and the kid’s friends. In fact, it seems like my kids can’t actually find enough Minecraft inspired or Minecraft flavour kind of toys or crafts out there. So Qixels caught my eye and it peaked their interest.


Qixels is easy to use and reminded me a bit of Beados, which we reviewed here last year for the 2014 gift guide. Beados is the feminine version of Qixels if you ask me. Anyways the colours of the Pixels beads are mostly greens and browns and some light shades. That has potential to appeal to either boys or girls.


We received Pixels Turbo Dryer and also a Warriors package too. The Turbo Dryer is a push button mechanism that you put your creations into after you build them and after you spray with water. There are no batteries required. There’s also no heat, no glue and no real mess either.


We enjoyed this toy by Imagine Dragon.


Qixels comes with stencils so your child can easily duplicate the design of whichever warrior or dragon that they choose to make. Turbo Dryer kit comes with two design trays and four templates. The individual square cubes are not meant for children under four. I would actually extend that age a bit higher on this one if only because the cubes are so tiny that some small hands might not yet be able to manipulate them and that would be frustrating.

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