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Report Card for Superheroes #specialneeds

Congratulations. Give yourself a massive high five. A hug, a pat on the back. You made it. You are superheroes. You deserve an A plus on the only report card that matters. You did it. Another school year down. Another grade gone by. You didn’t break. You deserve A pluses in every subject.


Superheroes look like this:

You are all heroic. Building exceptional kids with extra human strengths. Your kids are Iron Man and Wonder Woman, Spiderman and Black Widow. They are superheroes. I know them well. Two of the biggest superheroes I know are living here in this house. They have extraordinary powers and strength. They are learning to be resilient and strong. Sometimes they are learning bad leaders exist and there are ways to cope with that. Sometimes they are learning that teachers care a lot. They are learning parents don’t give up. There are so many lessons at school that are not measured on any report card.

The measure of a child is not whether they get an A plus in every subject and meet curriculum goals consistently. More important they be happy, healthy, and loved. This week the Internet and Facebook blows up with people posting how many As and A + grades were on their kid’s report cards. The measure of a parent is not how many As or A pluses their child brings home.

I post my own proud parenting moments here from time to time. Maybe they look like yours and maybe they don’t. This year I celebrate one getting through social media bullying, finding her strength and growing good friends. She gets an A plus for handling anxiety with courage. This year I celebrate the months we told the school no more homework for grade six. This year I celebrate every birthday party my youngest daughter went to and even the time that child called her the R word, because she didn’t break. Instead she told the yard supervisor she was worried she was about have a problem with another student and then she told a teacher she trusted inside the school. This year we stuck together, and didn’t break. I celebrate her coming home and telling me all about it and being proud of how she handled it.

This year we made our family a priority. This year we had fun. This year we travelled and sometimes we skipped doing homework.

This year you showed up, you tried and didn’t quit. You went most days with a smile on your face and made friends.  You left the room when it was too much. You used your words and you kept going DAY after DAY.

What superhuman strengths did your child have this year?

Mom of two beautiful active girls, traveller, fitness junkie, social media consultant, and keeper of the sanity.


  • Bites for Foodies

    My kids are all about superheros right now! They run around the house pretending they are Superman or Batman, or whoever! They love getting dressed up too…they could play like that or hours!!!

  • Sara

    Moms need to be superheroes every day! I feel this same way at the end of the school year, we survived and I am also super proud of my kids. My older son graduated high school! With an auto immune illness for the past five years this was no easy accomplishment. Moms need to stay strong and support their kids through the easy days and the harder ones as well.

    • Paula

      100 % agree Sara. It’s harder when there’s any sort of special needs on deck. Moms need to be warriors all the time.

  • Sage

    My stepson is definitely a superhero! He got all As & Bs, captained his football team to victory in the National Championship, and captained them to victory again in the Copa Costa Brava. He’s kind, he excels at everything he tries, and I’m such a proud stepmonster : -)

  • MJ

    I say yes to all boys and girls being superheroes. No matter their challenges, they all deserve to be celebrated for making it through another year. Congratulations to your kids.

  • MJ

    I gave my kids a huge pat on the back for finishing up a tough school year. My husband passed away in January and it was really hard on all of us but especially the kids. They stayed strong and made good grades. I am really proud of them. Like your kids, mine are wonderful superheroes too.

    • Paula

      MJ – I am so incredibly sorry. What a terrible sad year! INCREDIBLE that they were able to cope and still maintain good grades at school. I am amazed. They are superheroes. Without question.

  • Jason Nail

    The great things about kids and school is that, with enough time and assistance, they will get it. Sometimes parents have to get a little more involved but there’s not really a bunch of adults out there who don’t say their Rs or can’t do simple math. It kind of just happens.

  • Sara

    My oldest is starting kindergarten this fall, he is so upset about the idea of going to school all day long without Mom. I am a little upset too but trying not to show it. Maybe I will remind him he is my hero for trying something new and exciting to help him get over his nerves.

  • Kristy @ Mommy Hates Cooking

    Your daughter definitely sounds like a superhero! School can be so tough! This year my kids conquered school like champs and superheroes. And I think the parents that made it through the school year getting their kids to where they needed to be, and remembering everything they needed to need to be called superheroes, too!