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Sari Therapy Riding #wordlesswednesday #ldnont

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A girl and her horses. She loves them all and could not live without Sari therapy riding. In 2010, I went to a workshop in Alberta that stressed how mental health and disability, and brain injury such as Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, was not currently done well through traditional therapy and cognitive behavioural approaches. I already intuitively new that but it was nice to have confirmation of it from the experts.
I learned at that conference that many people were having success with animal assisted therapies and therapy riding too. So I started looking into it when I got back to my hometown.
Out with the old if the old traditional therapies don’t work, right? So what does work? Put a child near a horse and they can conquer fear, grow confidence and self esteem and build pathways that might have been damaged by pre-natal acquired brain injury. So, my daughter rides. And she regulates her tone, voice, emotions and body to command a horse. And it is beautiful and wordless and magical too. Therapy riding makes a difference to this child and many others.

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