School’s Out For Summer Contest: Win a Camera with OurKids

School’s out for summer!! Well, almost. And @OurKidsNet wants you to take a picture of your kids, or kid, doing something to celebrate, or cheer the end of school. Take a pic, send it in and win a camera. An awesome camera by the way.
First prize is a Pentax Optio RZ 10.
So how many days do you have left? My kids have been counting down since Day 45 or something like that. This year, summer will be embraced here with open arms, squeezed for all it is worth and then turned upside down and shaken. Because I love summer and there’s nothing I love more than NO SCHOOL runs in the a.m., No ridiculous meetings that are endless and frequently produce no results. So hello summer. Bring it!!
This is mine. Rocking out a bit early. Hate to burst her bubble and tell her two more weeks left.
Contest starts the 15th of June. And it ends on the 30th. Visit the facebook page for Our Kids to enter.
Disclosure: I was not paid to post this, but thought my readers would be interested in the contest.

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