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Eight Things You Can Do Close to Home This March Break #Giveaway ARV $80

It’s March and that means one or two things around here. First it means spring is on the way. Second it means spring break. To be 100 % honest with you lovely readers, I have not worked out where I will be, or what we will be doing. Travel blogger life means plans change often and that can very well be last minute. So I am sort of planning that there will be some staycation bits to March break and some travel bits tossed in there too.


My tween and teen are looking forward to time off school. I am adding clients again and so I will be working much of the week which means we might need to make some of our own fun. If you are working and wondering what to do with the kids, I have a few thoughts:

Eight Things You Can Do At Home This March Break

Think of it as being a tourist in your very own city or province. You can stay indoors, cozy and warm, or get outside and enjoy an adventure.

1.       Hit the Museum – this area of Ontario where I live has some great museums. Maybe you are in Toronto and you can make it to the ROM or the Aquarium. Either one of those would make a great day and you aren’t really subject to the weather if you are indoors. There’s also the science centre – always a hit with kids.

2.       Go Skiing or Tubing: If you live close to a ski hill then you can easily spend a day or two, or maybe even a week there. Many ski hills also have other activities like tubing, snowboarding, and lessons. Plus don’t forget the March Break camps that some offer. That might be a great opportunity to keep the kids busy too.

3.       Library:  Head to the library this March break. Our local library has dozens of cool things happening. Pick up a book and take it home so you can relax and read. BUT don’t forget there are classes and events at many libraries all week long. Our library has a drawing class and Sparky The Fire Dog, to name just two of the events that are taking place there.

4.      Go To The Mall, or the Market: A little retail therapy can be just what the doctor ordered. Buy some new spring outfits, or shop at the local jewelry store for a small pick me up. One thing we will be doing is heading to Covent Garden Market in London, ONTARIO because MapleLea Girls is hosting a Pop Up Shop and a cooking class and – actually, they have an event each day only at Covent Garden Market in London from March 12 to March 19!! Bring your daughter and bring her MapleLea Girls too.

5.       Consider an at-home makeover, sleepover, or a full on spa day. Actually in my case I will be hosting a sleepover here for one daughter’s birthday. I’m quite certain the 11 and 12-year-old girls will be content using nail polishes, eye shadows, styling tools and last but not least…BatisteTM Dry Shampoo! It’s perfect to use between washes and easy to use.  Applying quick burst revitalizes hair and removes any excess oil, adding body and texture.  With the new limited-edition BatisteTM Ella Henderson Sweet & Seductive Dry Shampoo, you’ll feel like a celebrity, with hair that looks, feels – and smells – great! My daughter loves this product and uses it throughout the week when she doesn’t have time to wash her hair.


6.       Crafts, puzzles and games galore. Start one of those really huge time consuming puzzles. They are great for focus and for kids who need extra help practicing some fine motor skills too.

7.       Bake or Cook. Well my kids don’t need any excuses to get in the kitchen. They love baking cookies, treats, cakes, and other goodies. Occasionally they like to do a meal too. Sometimes when I am swamped here I will ask the kids to get a meal started. My girls are 11 and 14 and they can whip something up that’s pretty tasty when I ask them to take responsibility for dinner like that. Occasionally they even surprise me.

If your week involves road trips anywhere, you might want to keep some of this handy – If you have family members who are motion sensitive, GravolTM Quick Dissolve Chewables (available for kids and adults) are an effective and convenient option to treat nausea, vomiting and dizziness, so you can get there more comfortably and with less worry. (Don’t take GravolTM chewables and drive, as GravolTM Quick Dissolve Chewables may cause cause drowsiness).

8.       Get outside. Take walks, go skating, take a winter hike. Grab your camera and shoot some pictures of the snow melting, and the changing seasons.

And regardless of where your March break week takes you, you can help your family stay healthy by taking VitafusionTM Men’s or Women’s Complete Multivitamin and Lil’CrittersTMGummy VitesTM for kids.

On behalf of your family’s most trusted brands, here’s a staycation giveaway for you to enjoy. This Giveaway includes:

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Value: Approximately $80

What are your favourite staycation ideas?

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