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Share Your Best Carefree Life Hacks Twitter Party and #Giveaway

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Times have changed. Thank heavens for progress. When I was a teen I remember waiting endlessly for my period to start as if it were some great mystical force of nature that would transform me into someone grownup and sophisticated. And then it happened and my period was well, less than magical. It was also sometimes unpredictable and it was often heavier than I anticipated. It sometimes led to some near disasters. Hacks of any sort, period or otherwise, were not on my radar back then. I became the master of my own limited repertoire of period tricks. The jacket waist wrap. You know that thing you have to suddenly do when your pad or tampon leaks. Wrap, excuse and leave. Bah. Bye. I learned to carry Advil or Motrin around in my purse in case menstrual cramps hit hard at a baby shower. And I had a heating pad that was well worn. But I didn’t really have any super savvy hacks.

Now that I am a Mom to girls, I am forced to be smart about period planning for their sake. We talk openly about periods of course. And I prepare both of my girls for emergencies with a backpack period kit armed with all the supplies they could need. But beyond that do we have any hacks? We have plans and we have cell phones too so my kids know I’m essentially their period panic button should an emergency crop up at camp or at school.

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My girls are super into Pinterest and they read a lot of magazines too. So that’s what I mean when I say times have changed. Hacks are everywhere you look. Hacks of all sorts.

My favourite hack for life as a Mom is simple. I bag and wash fruit every Sunday night to make it easily available for school and camp. I also used to brown the ground beef immediately after purchase so I can save time during the week cooking.

Tell me what your lifestyle hack is and you can win a Carefree period purse pack shown above. I have four of those to giveaway to lucky Canadian readers. Follow the instructions below.

AND join Carefree Hack chat and Twitter party will be taking place at 12:30 p.m. EST on Thursday, July 23rd. 

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We also have a month long contest – July 27th-August 21st 

Enter for a chance to win a Carefree Everyday Kit (a perfect purse-sized pouch that contains Carefree liners and other must-have items to avoid style or beauty mishaps on the go)

      • The stipulations for entry are: readers must follow @Carefree_CA on Twitter and put forth a hack idea (incorporating Carefree is a bonus!) to be eligible to enter.

I am working with Carefree to promote this twitter hack party and as such I am compensated. My opinion is my own and it is honest.

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  • Judy Cowan

    I really don’t have any hacks – just to make sure you always have supplies with you because you never know when it will show up (and it is usually when you are least expecting it!). I have used panyliners as bandaids too!

  • Jodi Mitrovic

    I have an app for that 🙂 It let’s me keep trace of my days and flow and was a huge help when trying to get pregnant!

    • Paula

      Jodi – apps are brilliant at helping for many health issues, concerns and daily things such as this. Thanks for your comment.

  • Florence C

    Only hack I have is supply of paper towels which I use when I need something absorbent and also use them for napkins.

  • Bo Simms

    My best hack is to use for spills, they absorb a lot of liquids, and I also use them with water and vinegar on a pad, to clean windows and mirrors without streaks!!

  • J

    My best hack is to line your shoes with them while working out so the excess foot sweat is absorbed by the liner and not by your shoe.

  • Angela Mitchell

    My hack is having a little ipad dock right next to my stove. It’s a lifesaver with easy access to recipes while cooking.