Shrek The Musical #WordlessWednesday

We went to see Shrek The Musical at The Grand Theatre this week. Highly recommend it.

This past week we went to see Shrek The Musical at The Grand Theatre in London, Ontario. The Grand is a local asset to the arts scene and it is often very family friendly. Both of our girls enjoy the theatre and always have because we have always taken them to see age appropriate plays. My older daughter has of course also done the local youth theatre group in our town too. The girls have a deep appreciation and admiration and respect for theatre and the arts. In fact, they enjoy theatre as much, or maybe even more, than I do.

We are super lucky in this area of Ontario to be centrally located and able to access so many amazing theatre resources. We have only to drive for one hour to get to Stratford Festival Theatre and we have tried to make it there at least once a year. We haven’t always succeeded at that but when we go we are never disappointed. My brother and I used to actually take the train ourselves, back when I was in high school, or a bit older and we would see the plays together. I was lucky to have a sibling who loved arts and culture and wanted to experience that with me as well.

Shrek the Musical at the Grand Theatre in downtown London was hilarious and very entertaining. I love being able to enjoy and nurture this love of theatre in my children.

Did you see Shrek?

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