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Six Best Easter Brunch or Dinner Recipes

It’s Easter brunch that always gets me. Well, to be truthful it’s brunch, period. Any holiday. When we have guests over and we have cooked the night before I am always hunting for some great ideas for Easter brunch or just brunch in general. That’s why I decided to pull these together – Here are the Six Best Easter Brunch or Dinner Recipes I could find.

Best Easter dinner recipes

Easter is such a great time of year. Finally after months of snow we get a long weekend to celebrate with friends and family. Food is naturally a big part of that celebration. I often have the dinner part figured out (ham and scallops) but brunch is a bit more challenging.

What do you make when you have a house full of people and you aren’t willing to spoil dinner with a massive breakfast feast? Some of these ideas might help. I personally will try the sweet lemon chive compound butter well before Easter, because I love chives. Maple Glazed ham always works out beautifully. In fact maple glaze is incredible on almost anything!

What are you doing this Easter? Are you travelling to see family? Home entertaining?

Easter Brunch and Dinner:

What’s your favourite thing to make for Easter? Do you struggle with creative ideas year after year when guests come for Easter? Me too. Hopefully some of these recipes can help you get unstuck this year. Which of these Six Best Easter Brunch or Dinner Recipes would you try?

Maple Glazed Ham with Pomegranate Pineapple Reduction – Divine Lifestyle

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