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    My Favourite Buttermilk Biscuits Recipe

    Buttermilk biscuits are smooth and so delicious. No holiday meal is complete without these in my opinion. Nothing reminds me of home cooked meals more than Buttermilk Biscuits. My Mom used to make them at holiday time almost every single Christmas. She was a massive bread and biscuit lover. English pudding was her other favourite recipe. I can’t recall a gathering without some kind of scrumptious buns or biscuits actually. This buttermilk biscuits recipe is similar to one she used to make at holiday time every year. Buttermilk makes everything tastier and creamier and melt in your mouth delicious. While you can sometimes snack on these alone you probably shouldn’t do…

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    Promise: Best Gluten Free Baked Goods #Giveaway

    This remarkable basket full of Promise Gluten Free foods arrived here this past week. It was stuffed with Promise Gluten Free breads, of which there are numerous varieties, buns, and baked treats. The Lemon Muffins and the Double Chocolate Muffins caught my eye. Sadly they also didn’t escape the kid’s eyes. But luckily they shared. Or I might have been extremely perturbed because the muffins are the best gluten free baked goods I have ever had. What do I know about gluten free? Am I gluten free? Not right now. But in my twenties I was gluten free for a very long time due to the Crohn’s Disease which was…