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17 Cute Santa Treats to Make and Share

Oh I know Christmas seems right around the corner, doesn’t it? It somehow sneaks up on all of us every year. But this year I have been sharing some great treats and baked goods that may help you prepare some of the baking at least. As for the gifts, well I will probably share some gift ideas here too. Odds are good there will be shopping. Baking some of these Santa Treats ahead of time might help you stay on top of that one task.


17 Santa Treats

1. Chocolate Santa Pretzels
2. Rice Krispie Treat Bars
3. Santa Claus Candy Sleighs
4. Santa Hat Cupcake
5. Santa Cookies
6. Santa Hat Meringues
7. More Santa Hat Cupcakes
8. Santa Cupcakes
9. Santa’s Workshop Cupcakes
10. Oreo Santa Hats
11. Santa Strawberries
12. Santa Sugar Cookies
13. Santa Mickey Sugar Cookies
14. Santa Bread
15. Santa Belly Oreo Pops
16. Popcorn Santa Hats
17. Santa Cupcakes with Homemade Icing


Santa Treats – Fun and Simple to Make

Santa strawberries are super simple. Kids can easily make them. Oreo Santa treats are another one that seems to be extremely popular on Pinterest and in real life. They are mostly already done…all you need to do is build on the cookie. EASY PEASY.

You could gift some of these treats to someone special and attach one of my Santa gift tags on top! How perfect and adorable would that be? Click on the image for help getting these to download. As always you may use them for your personal use but they are protected by copyright so don’t redistribute or alter.


Baking Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Santa Treats are a fun way to get kids in the kitchen working with you during this busy season. Easy is the name of the game here with these santa treats. That’s vital when you are baking or cooking with kids.

[tweetthis]Santa baking game is strong in this roundup of Santa treats! [/tweetthis]

If you are baking this season then I highly recommend these 3 D Christmas Tree and Reindeer Treats too. This particular recipe is a bit more challenging. Decorating is the key here and patience too. Don’t forget to download some of my holiday printables for your kids to do too. Happy Holidays!

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