• Mojitos

    19 Mojitos to Beat The Heat

    It’s summer which around here means pool party. I don’t drink often, and when I do it’s the occasional social drink, mostly around the pool. My favourites are Margaritas and Mojitos. I like sweet cocktails or a simple white wine in the summer. Recently at a conference in Alabama I had a Blackberry Mojito which was divine. That got me thinking how many different types of mojitos are there? Did you know that he mojito is a classical Cuban drink? Not surprising since it is made with rum and associated with summer and warm weather. Rumour has it that Ernest Hemingway drank mojitos. Those two details alone actually make me…

  • Peach Lemonade Recipe

    Refreshing Peach Lemonade Recipe

    This is the perfect drink for summer. Right now, peaches are ripe and in season so stock up and you can easily make this for your next event or family gathering. Everybody knows how to make lemonade and it is pretty easy to find. But this Peach Lemonade Recipe will steal the show next time you entertain. Enjoy!   [tweetthis]This Peach Lemonade is a yummy variation on a traditional drink. [/tweetthis] [tweetthis]Have you ever tried homemade peach lemonade?[/tweetthis] This is the picture to pin by the way if you want to save the peach lemonade recipe for later. This one will show up clearly and look the best. Good luck…