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The Best Ever Cherry Desserts

Cherry Desserts remind me of being a child again. Cherries in general also do that for me. My Mom was the world’s biggest fan of strawberries. She loved cherries too. I think that was partly because her parents had a berry farm many years ago and she grew up eating both often. As a kid I loved cherries and some of the best cherry desserts too. My daughters both love blueberries and strawberries, but they crave cherries the most.

There is nothing so simple, refreshing and healthy as fresh seasonal berries, just picked and ready to eat. I personally can’t wait until June when both cherries and strawberries are in season and readily available at U Pick farms and farmer’s markets. Fresh cherries are never in season long enough if you ask me.

Best Cherry Desserts


You know it’s summer when the pool is open here and the table outside is laden with fresh fruit and vegetables and dips and maybe even some of the best cherry desserts I can find.

[tweetthis]Homemade cherry sweet rolls? Sure, why not? Perfect for any time of year.[/tweetthis]

One thing I really enjoy about google and Pinterest is that there is never any shortage of content. If you are looking for a recipe on anything, you can easily find it. Just google cherry desserts and see what you come up with. There are some luscious cherry desserts here.


Personally, I like my cherries to be tiny or diced into small pieces when baking with them. I love the flavour and the rich sauce they produce, but big chunks of fruit in food for some reason is less appealing to my taste buds. I adore cherry sauces, especially when they are fresh and home made, and most especially when they are drizzled over cheesecake! Enjoy these and take a moment soon to build one of my pick for best cherry desserts. The parfait looks dreamy to me. Gorgeous colours and contrasting textures too.

15 Best Cherry Desserts Ever

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Which one would your family enjoy?

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