art of marketing conference

The Art of Marketing Conference Coming To Toronto May 25 and a Promo Code #TheArtOf

art of marketing conference
art of marketing conference

Last year around this time, I had the opportunity to attend The Art of Leadership for Women. I spent the day hearing from a talented and diverse group of women who excelled at marketing and business. Hayley Wickenheiser was a real show stopper for me and Martha Stewart is always interesting, to say the least. Last year my personal, and business philosophy, was all about growth. I grew in a lot of ways last year and the social media consulting business at Thrifty Mom Media flourished as well. Growth took me to places I never knew I would be. I worked with World Vision Canada to tell some important stories about their work in Colombia and other areas of the world. It was a great year. Seizing the opportunities that are right for me, and ones that challenge me, was something I got better at last year. I know my first ever Mom 2.0 summit conference helped me to take business to the next level. I believe that the Art of Leadership for Women was another one of those great chances to build skills and knowledge, while also networking.

Last year’s event was great. So this year I am looking forward to building on that at a similar conference called The Art of Marketing.  The Art of Marketing takes place in Toronto on Monday, May 25: Some of you who know me well and hang out here occasionally know that my background is English Literature and writing and that I did graduate work in journalism. I worked for years at newspapers and magazines and then I built my business. My background and education prepared me for a lot of things. I can write fast and edit and coordinate and research. I also believe that my arts undergraduate years taught me the art of being flexible. I have been able to pivot several times successfully. That has led to resiliency and success in business. I can sometimes predict trends and see where things are headed in my field, but at the same time I am abundantly aware that I do not have a traditional marketing background. In fact, I began a marketing course in my first year at university and dropped it like a hot cake because the instructor was so boring. That was the year I made up my mind to follow my passion towards journalism. It was an important revelation. Nonetheless, I am aware that this particular skill set, traditional marketing knowledge and networking are the spaces I need to cultivate. Networking does not come naturally to me. So this is why I was curious and hoping I might have the chance to do The Art of Marketing this year.


This year I am happy I get to hear from speakers such as Dr. Robert Cialdini, best-selling New York Times author and expert in the field of the psychology of influence. That speaks to me for obvious reasons as a blogger and social media consultant. Also his list of clients has me impressed.

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the art of marketing conference


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How could I resist a conference with Gene Simmons of Kiss fame as a speaker? How cool is that? His topic is Branding and Creativity: Unleashing Your Inner Rock God in Business. Other speakers are: Charlene Yi, on how to measure the impact of social against business goals. Nir Eyal will speak about why some products flop and others do not. Brian Wong will address the future of mobile and how to build every day moments. He’s also talking about the marketing currency of happy.

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I am working with The Art of Marketing conference and have received a ticket to attend as compensation for this post. My opinion is my own and 100 % truthful.

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