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The Proof is in the Laundry – Birthday Cake Fail

This post has been sponsored by OxiClean and I received compensation. 

The proof is in the pudding. Or in this case the birthday cake plus laundry stain remover. Let me back it up a second.

This story starts with a birthday party and ends with laundry. Doesn’t every real-life story eventually end with laundry and stains? Travel ends in memories and laundry. School ends in smarter children and laundry. Play equals laundry. Work also equals laundry. See what I mean? Everything ends in laundry. But I digress.


June and July here are party months. Birthday party months that is. From June on we have a series of birthdays, anniversaries and even graduations. That means planning and sometimes a party is involved or a dinner out. Myself, my husband and my oldest daughter all have birthdays in June and July. This year our birthdays fell mid-week so we all had family parties mostly at home.

This past week I celebrated a big one. But I am not here to talk about my age, just the fact that I had a birthday with my family and it was lovely. One of my gifts was tickets to The Music Man this weekend! Excited about that. My day started with presents from one of my girls and then I drove her off to her theatre leader in training day camp program. Then I woke Payton up to go to her summer job. She also had presents for me.



And when everyone finally got back home after their busy day working and being a Leader in Training at camp we had a barbecue and a quick swim and, of course, birthday cake. My cake was amazing with really colourful bright red, yellow and blue icing and the steak and potatoes dinner was delicious. We celebrated with a cabernet as well. I’m learning to like good red wine. Mostly I worry it will stain my teeth and/ or furniture or clothing. It’s my own special laundry anxiety I guess.

But I avoided spilling red wine. No huge messes. Success, right?

WRONG. What is it about cake? One child still thinks it’s funny to wear hers for comic effect. OY. Do they ever outgrow that? And after a delicious meal I tucked into my cake only to spill a gob of it right on my white shirt. You know, the white Tommy Hilfiger T shirt that I wear at least once a week because it is comfortable and white matches everything, so I don’t need to think about wardrobe. Yeah that one.

Anyways, long story short. BIG fat icing stain which spread like an inkblot on the white shirt as soon as I switched it for a clean one and set it in my laundry room.

Luckily I have all the tools to fix this issue. Despite my laundry anxiety and the fact that I am no fan of laundry day (which is every day here), I trusted Oxiclean to get the stain out on the first try. And I didn’t let it spoil my day.


When Laundry Day is Every Day

Laundry day is every day around here. I have two kids, both of whom are girls, and let me tell you, girls can be messier than boys. I don’t care what anyone says about boys getting down and dirty, teen girls can beat that. At least, my girls do. Between makeup, food, and general grime, my husband and I are constantly battling to keep our clothes clean and bright.

All right, all right I’m no twinkly clean girl, either. I have a major clumsy streak, which happened to show itself during my birthday this week. So basically, my family puts our clothes through a lot. That’s why we need stain fighters that can handle everything we put our clothes through.


Laundry Day with OxiClean

As tough as my family is on our clothes, there’s one thing that’s tougher than our stains – OxiClean. Their stain remover is gold. My husband and I use two of their pre-treat laundry sprays on a regular basis to get out the stains that my family seems incapable of avoiding, and they work like a charm.

OxiClean Laundry Stain Remover Spray 

For everyday stains like dirt and maybe some light food messes, we love their original spray. It’s tough, and it quickly breaks down stains that would otherwise stand up to the wash cycle. It does a great job on messes like wine, blood, dirt, grass, and the like. OxiClean recently launched a refill version of this spray too, giving you more bang for your buck!

OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray

We bust out Max Force when we need to bring in the heavy artillery on laundry day. It takes the power of original OxiClean and multiplies it by a zillion. Honestly, we end up using this one more due to the paces we put our laundry through. This stain remover uses a 5-in-1 formula to break down really bad stains like grease, oil, grass, blood, soil, clay, food, drink, and set-in stains. Its tough formula uses:

  • Amylase Enzymes – These enzymes lift food stains from fabric.
  • Solvents and Surfactants – These dissolve and trap grease and oil.
  • Polymers – Designed to bind to dirt and soil, suspending it and rinsing it away during the wash cycle.
  • Protease Enzymes – Specifically designed to target protein stains like grass and blood.
  • Mannanase – Breaks down food thickeners found in foods like ice cream and gravies.

I used OxiClean Max Force Laundry Stain Remover Spray on the T-shirt birthday cake stain. In fact I’ve seen it work brilliantly in the past, so I had high hopes and brings me to that old saying – The Proof is in the Pudding. Well, I KICKED that stain to the curb. Can’t even see a trace of it and it was nasty when I sprayed it on. After following the directions on the bottle and washing in HOT this stain lifted magically.

Happy to say I am wearing my favourite reliable white T-shirt again.

Today I was wearing the white T-shirt for a couple hours. My oldest looked at it and said: “Mom, I think it actually looks better than it did before the stain.” Must agree with her on that and it was nice to hear she thought so too.

The OxiClean White Revive In-Wash Booster is one I also love and use on our whites often. It gets a workout regularly and you know the nasty underarm stains from deodorant and sweat? It can get these stains out too.



Laundry Day is so Much Easier Now

My husband does as much of the laundry as I do, and we both love our OxiClean stain removers. They make laundry day so much easier. Now, when we see a shirt with makeup on it, or pants with a big spaghetti sauce stain, or a T-shirt with birthday cake icing all over it, we don’t sweat it. We know we can get those stains out, which means less work for us and less expense from having to buy clothes to replace the ruined ones. OxiClean makes laundry day easier, so give it a try. You won’t be sorry.

Oxiclean wants one of my readers to have the chance to fight stains confidently all year long. Enter now for a chance to win a $75 Loblaws gift card and a year’s supply of Oxiclean. Canada only.

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