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Weekends and Weddings: Petition Challenge #ABHC4IVF #ABPoli

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When you are struggling with infertility, or trying to conceive, time is quite simply not your friend. It is the days between doctor’s appointments, and the calendar you watch every month wondering and hoping with crossed fingers. It is every season ticking by faster, carrying holidays by in a blur of tears. Years can unfold while trying. Treatments also take time.
But what if the waiting then becomes complicated by fund raising as you juggle how to pay for in vitro fertilization? Weeks, become months and years pass quickly, then all of a sudden the fertility window, even with such medical help as in vitro fertilization, closes. 
This summer, a great organization I believe in for many reasons: See Five Reasons Why #ABHC4IVF #ABPOLI Makes Sense  and How to Get Results on Your Petition, launched a petition challenge and it’s been going well. In fact there are about 20,000 signatures on the petition to date. But we are still short of our goal of 25,000 signatures. If you support healthy families for Alberta, share the Generations of Hope petition, print it out and get six signatures at least between now and September. The petition asks the Alberta government to fund in vitro fertilization. I in 6 people struggle with infertility.
Here we are half way through – more than half way through the summer. Four weekends left to go. So this is my weddings and weekends challenge. If you haven’t already printed the petition out and placed it in your purse, please do so now. 
Alberta has had a difficult year, no doubt, but the province has also shown a lot of heart in rallying after the flood and moving forward through a challenging economy. This initiative is also for the health of future Albertans. When families, couples, or singles, have to remortgage homes and take on three jobs to save money to pay for health care treatment such as in vitro fertilization, they often risk their health and transfer multiple embryos in an effort to maximize chances at conception. While twins and triplets are adorable, they also come with increased health risk to both Mom and baby. Public funding saves money. It helps build futures. 
You have a chance to change the future for the province of Alberta. Make a difference. Take the petition to every wedding you have between now and September. Take it to every nail salon, and every weekend gathering. Labour Day picnic? Take it along. Remind everyone there that labour for some means a different thing entirely. 
Please share this post. Tweet it out, retweet it and print the petition. Follow us on twitter Then tell your aunts and uncles and friends to sign. Public funding for in vitro fertilization is the right thing to do for Alberta.
I am Community Manager for Generations of Hope. I believe 100 % in this organization. My opinion is all my own.

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