Wordless Wednesday: Long Weekend Travel–Bubble-licious

may 21, 2012 116

may 21, 2012 117

We finally got away. It has been a difficult year as my readers know and so when the chance to visit Niagara Falls came up, well I jumped. Not literally. You know what I mean. Fun weekend away meant water slides and reconnecting as a family and disconnecting the devices and phones for a brief time. This was much needed. Time away from all the stresses. Water for my child, with sensory processing disorder, is a huge comfort and a calming tool. She would stay in the wave pool all day, or stand under the giant bucket that dumps water on the crowd below for hours if she could. The pressure of the water feels good for her. This sometimes makes me wonder why these simple tools aren’t standard assets in our schools for children with special needs. Maybe not a giant water slide, but a simple water play area, a garden, flowing water. Easy things to place in a sensory room in schools. They have them routinely in preschools. Anyways our last night at the Falls and we strolled down the paths that skirt the natural wonder. After looking and dining and sliding down water slides racing each other to the finish line, my daughter took some time to chase bubbles. While the tots and parents blew magical bubbles all over the laneway, my girly chased them trying to catch each one like a snowflake on her tongue. Wonder how they tasted?

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  • Just Us Girls

    I’m glad you and your family got time away together to reconnect. Same over here for the long weekend, we camped out for three days, no cell phone, computers, nothing to distract us from having a great time with each other, it was awesome.

  • Bonnie Way

    That’s so cute! I think everyone likes fountains and waterfalls – I can think of times when I’ve walked into a building with a fountain and the sound of the water has calmed me. I like the idea of putting something like that in a school! 🙂 You should suggest it.