A Soothing New Remedy for Good Gut Health

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It should come as no surprise to most people who regularly read this, or follow me online, that I struggle to maintain good gut health. I have Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory bowel disease, and talk about that here on the site sometimes too.

In fact, I am on a constant quest to maintain, or establish good gut health. That can be an uphill battle often. Frequent exercise, research and self care work in my favour to help me stay healthy. Stress, parenting teens and life in general sometimes tips the scale in the other direction despite my best intentions.

Of course, we are always interested in learning about all natural and homeopathic remedies that can help us as a family. For me, that means maintaining a relatively healthy diet, with probiotics, adding calcium, magnesium and sometimes Vitamin C at various times throughout the day too. I’ve only recently started reading about prebiotics for good gut health too. So, that led me to Pascoe’s Markofruct, a prebiotic supplement that you add to hot water.

What is Markofruct and What Age is it For?

Markofruct is super easy to use and tastes mild, like chamomile tea, but with a prebiotic added in. Tastes very natural. Nothing sweet or artificial about it which happens to be my favourite way also to drink tea so this is an easy habit to implement here. Actually, I really like the taste of this product. It’s soothing and warm and perfect for the chillier nights ahead.

When Do I Take Markofruct?

Best taken before bed, Markofruct comes in a powder that dissolves in hot water. Late this summer, I began taking this before bed for good gut health. You can also take it before breakfast. It is suitable for ages 12 and up. One night my younger girl, 15, was having issues with her stomach feeling upset, so I gave her a mug of this in warm water. She is not yet a fan. LOL. But she also doesn’t like tea, so that is a work in progress.

While the teens might not yet be fans, the adults on my home need no convincing. Markofruct, for me, is a great way to start the day, end the night, or both actually.


Good Gut Flora

The product claims to support the healthy balance of good gut flora, which can be a challenge for people who have IBS or IBD. Prebiotics also improve metabolism and can have an impact on immunity.

What is a Prebiotic?

Did you know that prebiotics are a non-digestible plant based fibre compound. They act as fertilizers almost, basically nurturing the environment that health bacteria grown in. Prebiotics and probiotics work together.


7 Benefits of Prebiotics

Better gut health and improved digestion.

Enhanced immune function

Reduced risk for heart disease

Weight loss/ weight maintenance

Lowers inflammation

Hormone regulation and improved moods

Protection of bone health

To be clear, I have no way of measuring my bone health, or registering and some of these above. But, I am able to tell when I feel good and when I don’t. My gut health drives a lot of that. I am a person who has a lot of heartburn on a near daily basis. Sometimes as a result of a heavy meal, but often simply waking up. I’ve chalk that up to the Crohn’s often and take an antacid for it often. When I was taking this consistently, I had much less heartburn.

As a travel writer and a Mom of two busy teens, I need to be able to do ALL the THINGS. So, I need products that support good gut health.

By now, many of us have clearly read all about gut health and the connection to the brain. The link has been made many times over to brain fog and feeling lethargic when the gut is not working well. I can easily vouch for that being the case here often. So, even more reason to use Markofruct.

So How Does Markofruct Help?

Here is a supplement that can help build good gut health and better gut flora. It tastes soothing and seems to work well for me. Listen, this is not a magical cure for anything, but it is natural and soothing and it is disappearing fast here because I like it.

Allergies, Migraines, Flu and More..

Our daily family health care here too includes tackling allergies at all times of the year. I talked a bit about how we are managing our allergies earlier this year in this post about PascAllerg.

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