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American Flatbread – Rustic Dining in the Heart of Ski Country #IFWTWA

American Flatbread brings rustic, oven-fired dining to the heart of Vermont’s ski country. With an atmosphere that invites you to relax and unwind while you enjoy their delicious food which features flatbread pizzas, great drinks and spectacular fresh salads, American Flatbread offers visitors a perfect marriage of great, fresh, food in a warm, charming, earthy, environment.

American Flatbread

American Flatbread – Built on A Belief

In the early 80’s, American Flatbread’s founder, built a primitive oven using stone from his land. Wanting bread but not sure if the oven could handle it, he decided to make a flat bread. The bread was so well received that larger ovens followed. This was followed by many orders for bread, which eventually paved the way to the restaurant in Waitsfield, Vermont that so many know and love.

Does she look excited? That’s because we skied all day and were hungry and she learned that they specialize in her favourite food – pizza. LOL.

Wood Fired Wins

Vacationers and locals alike can enjoy delicious, wood fired flatbread pizzas and dishes straight from the primitive ovens found at the restaurant. My family dined there the last night of our recent trip to Sugarbush ski resort. After a long day of skiing at nearby Mad River Glen we were hungry and excited to see what American Flatbread was like. This restaurant came highly recommended and we heard about it from many locals all week.

From the moment we walked in we couldn’t help but be charmed. The night we were there it was a busy place with most tables full. On the menu, a whimsical journal entry from the day read: “Today I woke up after a strange dream and made breakfast of homefries and an egg from our chickens and toast with homemade strawberry jam. I stirred the pot belly stove and put on chunks of maple and beech and was glad for the warmth they gave…”

We started with the salad of the day with dilled cucumbers and it was perfect. The girls split a Cheese Herb flatbread pizza with Mozzarella and Italian Grana Padano Parma Cheese that we both sampled and it was spectacular, so flavourful, smooth and rich. My husband and I both shared the Revolution pizza which featured homemade organic tomato sauce, mushrooms and scallions. Fantastic and filling food after an active day.

American Flatbread in Waitsfield is located on Lareau Farm and Inn. It’s quaint and the food is enjoyable and in the summer months the sprawling field surrounding the restaurant becomes extended dining space. The Inn is also open year round for guests and weddings often take place here as well.

Flatbread Pizza has a smoky flavor that you just cannot get from anything other than a wood fired oven. In addition to the delicious flavour and friendly service this restaurant delivers food with a superior texture. As in fresh food and salad ingredients that are crispy and crunchy and flavourful where they should be.  It’s a truly amazing dining treat.


Fine Dining without Being Fussy

American Flatbread brings its customers some of the best in rustic food. For your information they don’t take reservations, and they welcome walk ins. In fact, the food may be fine, but the atmosphere is anything but fussy. You can go straight from the slopes to the table if you so desire. It’s warm, welcoming atmosphere is the perfect end to a long day of exploring the beauty of the area.

Cheese and Herb Flatbread Pizza


American Flatbread – Wood Fired Family Dining

American Flatbread is one of my favorite restaurants in this area of Vermont. With delicious food, a wonderful atmosphere, and a location that puts it smack in the middle of the action, American Flatbread is the perfect dining experience for your next ski trip to this gorgeous Vermont area.

We were hosted guests at Sugarbush Ski Resort recently and while there we were also guests at American Flatbread. My opinion is all my own and it is also truthful.

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  • candy

    My all time dream is to own my own pizza and bread oven. The taste when the pizza or bread comes out of those ovens can’t be beat. Just looking at the photos makes me hungry and wish there was a smell button.

  • Jeanette

    Oh my gosh does that look delicious! Practically drooling over the screen. I hope at some point I’ll get out that way and enjoy some of this flatbread pizza. Sounds like you had a wonderful day.

  • Sandy N Vyjay

    If only we could capture smell in little jars and send upload them with the pictures, I would be all time hungry. Just the pictures have made my mouth water. The pizzas look so delicious! I am just imagining myself biting into those heavenly creations!

  • Kimberly

    Oh hi….I love pizza with a passion. While I do love thick crust on mine, I do love a good flatbread. These look so delicious and it’s making me hungry! The glistening cheese on it! yum!

  • Pam Wattenbarger

    There is nothing quite like a good wood-fired pizza! This sounds like the type of restaurant I would love to visit. The food looks tasty too.

  • Teresa

    That American Flatbread does look so delicious! That restaurant in the heart of sky country looks like a great place to relax and enjoy some super yummy food!

  • Amanda

    I just love flatbread–so yummy! It is the perfect thing to snack on during the weekend when watching sports or just getting together with family and friends. Wish we went skiing this year–unfortunately no snow!

  • Jeanine

    Flatbread is SO good. This looks amazing. I should probably have waited to read this until I had eaten! This looks great, would love to check out the Sugarbush ski resort at some point!

  • Dawn McAlexander

    I am trying to sniff my computer screen because I know that this has to smell great. The taste would be awesome too. Wood fired pizzas seem like they just taste better. I would love to eat here someday.