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Back To School Friday Finds and Midnight Madness

Well, here we are one week closer to Back To School and while some are singing that Staples song It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year, others among us dread the start of school and the crazy schedule that follows. I am the latter of the two. Summer was not long enough and I missed half of it at least. So I will not be happy when school starts.
We started our BTS shopping yesterday at White Oaks Mall in London and I have one thing to say about that..where are all the clothes for little girls who aren’t toothpicks? Seriously. Kid number one who is a toothpick netted clothing for great prices at H&M yesterday. But kid number two was made to feel awkward already at the age of ten (this has been going on for a couple years already) because nobody stocks jeans that aren’t super skinny or skinny. I find that really intolerable in children’s clothing stores. And frankly if the boyfriend jeans fly off the shelves and there are none left, then figure it out retailers?! Obviously there is a demand for various sizes. And really Low Rise for a ten-year-old is unacceptable to me as a parent. No ten-year-old should be wearing midriff baring jeans.

Anyways after much hunting about we finally uncovered the cutest store ever at White Oaks Mall.
Justice  carries jeans for every size.
Right now 40 % off everything in store. (Good because the prices are high to start but the clothing is worth it.) I heard a few others Moms remarking on the exact same thing. Moms of tweens who shopped all day at other malls and wasted time looking because nobody carried nice clothes that weren’t too juvenile or too low rise or ridiculous sizes.

So here’s to Justice!! I won’t be shopping many other places for my tween. Also I will be hollering at all of those absurd retailers who stock stick girl sizes.

Also this week…tonight at Zellers Midnight Madness! Don’t forget that the store closes from 5 to 6 p.m. to set up for the event. Great deals 40% off backpacks and 40% off jeans. Also end of season sale on outdoor items. Clearance patio furniture and kid’s outdoor discontinued items. Also Bikes. Saturday one day only Cosco Alpha Omega car seats half price. Get there early for a $94.97 car seat that can’t be beat. This is a good product and brand for a very good price!

Children’s Place has 25 % off all clothing today and tomorrow and 20% off Sunday.

Canadian Tire and many sporting good stores are selling their hockey equipment at a decent price right now. Also WalMart is still the one to beat for many items like Crayola products.

Talize on Monday Aug. 29th has a double tag sale for 50 % off.
Superstore has 12 pack cans of pop on for 2.99 Sprite and Coca Cola. Also spend $250 and get a $25 gift card.
Remember I don’t get any profit whatsoever from these brands. I share what I like, so if you find a great deal on my blog pay it forward, tell someone and let them know you read it on Thriftymommastips. Thanks, and Happy shopping!

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