Bald Eagle Life Cycle Learning Games Booklet

The first time I ever saw a truly gorgeous bald eagle in real life was in Alabama actually. We were doing a Segway Tour through the Hugh S. Branyon Back Country trail in Gulf Shores, Alabama and we stopped halfway though for a rest and spotted a nest high atop one of the trees and an eagle was in it.

Oh I have seen them on TV and even in zoos, where eagles might be rehabilitating from injury. They are always impressive and majestic. But seeing that nest and the scope of it hit me.

I’ve seen them in Florida treetops as well quite a few times and now that I know what to look for, I have even seen them in Canada once or twice.

A Few Bald Eagle Facts

Did you know that bald eagles are the only eagles that are indigenous to North America?

Young eagles are called eaglets. Eaglets are light grey and fluffy when they first hatch. Their feathers turn dark brown when they’re about 12 weeks old and ready to leave the nest. Their bald heads don’t turn white until they are about four to five years old.

Bald eagles make their homes in forests often near large bodies of water. This environment ensures good fishing and large trees for nesting.

Check out this Bald Eagle Live WebCam, which is perfect right now because many of us still cannot travel.

What’s in the Bald Eagle Life Cycle Learning Kit?

Here’s what’s included in this cute and free learning tool for school aged kids. 

  • The first page is a Glue the Pieces to the Page Puzzle. 
  • Page 2 is a sweet little maze – help the eaglet find his way through the maze to the mare. 
  • Page 3 Trace the Letters.
  • Finally, Page 4 is a Self Correcting Puzzle. Use the scissors to cut this out and help reinforce hand eye coordination and fine motor skills too.

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