Have Fun with These Charming Unicorn Mazes

There’s something so captivating about unicorns. I mean they are mythical and yet you can almost picture them living alongside us. That’s why I am loving these unicorn mazes.

The Magical Appeal of Unicorns

It’s no shock at all to me when I find out that a child or a friend’s child is completely into unicorns. They simply capture your imagination no matter how old you are.

Do your kids love word games and various activities? Are they looking for things to do that are low cost right now? Then, here’s an idea. These unicorn mazes are perfect for little unicorn lovers.


Fun and sweet unicorn mazes for kids to do now. These are a change from the typical word searches that I offer here and because I know a lot of your kids love these unicorn themed posts and printables, I am sharing extras just for you.

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Here’s how you get these:

Click on the link at the bottom of the page and download immediately then print them out. Please just use this for yourself and your friends. Do not reprint as it is copyrighted. Thanks for understanding.

Butterflies and Unicorns?

LOVE the wholesome nature of both of those things.

Here is Unicorn Maze #2

Brilliant! Unicorns and flowers. Nothing screams spring like unicorns and flowers in the same sentence, or the same cute printable activity game for kids. Have fun with this one.

And Unicorns and Hair Extensions

OH my goodness, do you remember My Little Pony? My one daughter was very into that when she was small. Littlest Pet Shop was another one of her favourites.

Get a Nice Tree!

Help your unicorn to the tree at the bottom of this one.

Because I love you all and am grateful you read this blog frequently, I threw the last one in there and made Unicorn Mazes a four page printable. Enjoy!

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