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Last weekend I was invited to attend a camp on Lake Rosseau, called Muskoka Woods. It was a jam-packed, active, fun-filled event with bloggers, traditional media, moms and their school aged children. At camp, we had a weekend to explore activities like skateboarding, swimming, canoeing, climbing and the big swing. Adult Essentials gummies give me the energy to try new things with my kids, because you can’t preach active living and healthy eating if you don’t walk the walk and have a little fun while you are at it. So, this is me skateboarding. Because I knew if I was going to have my anxious older girl who broke her arm twice in the last five years try skateboarding I was going to have to show her I was unafraid to try it. (Guess what? Loved it!)

I have been on this Adult Essentials journey for three months now as an ambassador. I was given a three month supply of these great-tasting adult gummies and I was asked to report on any results or changes. I have been on the Omega 3 vitamins as well as the B-12, multi-vitamins and vitamin D. In my first post I noted that I felt like my stress level was decreasing and my immune system was getting stronger. When it is stressed, and I am sick, I get well faster since using Adult Essentials. I noticed that in my second month. This is still the case. I know others have noted sleep problems got better on the gummies, but my sleep has never been an issue. I don’t really know how to quanitify all the benefits I have seen from the Adult Essentials vitamin regimen. Other than to say that Adult Essentials is helping me excel and build on my fitness and nutrition routine. I have been on a quest to get fit ever since my kids were toddlers. Because as soon as they could walk, they were active, running, swimming, acting, dancing, playing soccer, horseback riding, singing and doing martial arts. And frankly I learned pretty fast that I couldn’t even begin to keep up with them unless I was fit. So I started doing yoga and pilates and working out on the machines and generally playing with my kids as much as I could. My husband, who has also been using the Adult Essential gummies, has been working at growing stronger and strengthening his core for martial arts training. So, we both have a certain level of fitness already, but really lately I am finding that it’s time to take it up a notch. I feel stronger and I notice muscle definition where there wasn’t any before and Adult Essentials is right along for the journey helping me excel and meet my goals. My energy is better, my immune system is much stronger since I started with Adult Essentials and I am generally calm despite what the world throws my way. Vitamins B and D were not part of my routine prior to becoming an Adult Essentials gummy vitamins ambassador. Next steps: maintain support for my nutrition and active lifestyle by staying with Adult Essentials. And crank it up: I want arms like Madonna’s or Michelle Obama’s and I won’t stop until I have met my next personal goal. In my 40s, this is more important them it has even been before. Adult Essentials help me meet my potential.

But why just take my word for it? Go try some yourself. They are available at most drug stores, including Shoppers Drug Mart and on line at

Adult Essentials are pectin based gummy vitamins that are vegetable sourced. Adult Essentials use only natural flavours and colours. Nothing artificial and no sugar coating. Adult Essentials are gluten free, nut free and dairy free. No fishy aftertaste. They won the PTPA Awards in 2011 and are the only entire brand line approved by Health Canada. Also on twitter. @AdultEssentials 

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And for more about Deborah Lowther and the family philosophy behind IronKids and Adult Essentials read her story here.

Disclosure: I am participating in the Adult Essentials Blogger Outreach program by Shes Connected. I received a supply of vitamins and compensation in exchange for my participation in this campaign. The opinions on this blog are all my own. Thanks to both Shes Connected and Adult Essentials for the opportunity to get stronger with their support.

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