Cooking With Kids – Birthday Rainbow Cake

Hey there lovely readers. Recently my darling niece had a first birthday party and she happened to visit her favorite aunt for the occasion. So we used it as a great time to try out one of the amazing kid friendly birthday cake recipes I found on Pinterest. Rainbow Birthday Cake. It is super easy and fun.

This is the link to the pin of the original that gave me the idea. It didn’t look exactly as in the pin, but here you go. http://pinterest.com/inkscrblr/cooking-with-children-linky/#
So take your basic cake mix and mix it up. I used Betty Crocker, then divide batter into three or four bowls. Using food colouring that is predetermined by kids then colour each bowl a different hue. Pour one in at a time. When it bakes the inside looks like a rainbow. Layered and lovely.

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