Cute Children’s Christmas Letter to Santa Writing Prompt

I think we can all easily recall that time during childhood when we believed wholeheartedly in magic and in Santa Claus. Back before pandemic was even a word in our daily vocabulary, as children we wrote at least one creative and joyful letter to Santa each year.

Dear Santa Letter

Writing an annual letter to Santa was something I looked forward to for weeks before Christmas. It was my chance to plant suggestions in my home, and send them directly to the North Pole.

As an adult, I have enjoyed many years of creating that illusion for my kids. I kept that tradition going for years longer than it actually would have in many other homes, because my youngest who has FASD (fetal alcohol spectrum disorder) believed completely with all of her heart and soul in Santa. I loved that about her.

Childhood is short, I always think, so why not permit kids to enjoy it and believe. Grab hold of the reins this year and celebrate all of the moments with the children in your family. Take time to decorate the tree together, make the ornaments together this year.

DIY Christmas Activities

Here’s one idea for an easy DIY Christmas ornament. There are all sorts of Christmas recipes that are family friendly and seasonal too.

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Print out this adorable letter to Santa and let them make their list.

Here’s How to Get this Printable

For this one, you could right click and print the letter out from the image above.

I have two or three other examples of Christmas letters to Santa here as well. Check out this cute Wish list Letter to Santa and pin it for later..

Happy Holidays! What’s on your list this year?

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