Father’s Day Male Fertility Facts #IVF4BC

This Father’s Day infographic sums up all the male fertility facts nicely. 40 % of infertility is female factor, and 20 % is unexplained but 40 % also is male factor. Here in Canada it has also been male health awareness month which ties in to our IVF4BC messages about awareness and male fertility.

Want more male infertility information and chatter? These guys here have an awesome The Good, The Dad and The Ugly Podcast episode about infertility.




There are a few things you can do to protect your health and fertility if you are a man.  These simple lifestyle changes above can make a difference. So memorize these male fertility facts and share them widely. And share your stories too. With 40 % of infertility as male factor, Men’s fertility and infertility stories are so important too.

Awareness and education can help infertility patients dramatically. Please consider joining and following More men and women should have the chance at building a family in BC. Sign the petition too. And follow this patient group on Twitter too @IVF4BC #IVF4BC.

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