31 DIY EASY Fidget Spinners

Unless you live under a rock, you have most definitely have heard of, or seen fidget toys and fidget spinners. Maybe your kids have some. Maybe you are a teacher and the kids are making you a bit batty with their fidget spinners and fidget toys. We have a couple of fidget toys here and they are fun.

I confess I have also used them when my kids aren’t looking. In fact I bought my younger daughter two of these and also gifted a set to a little girl we know for her birthday recently. But you don’t have to buy them. If you are crafty, you could make your own DIY easy fidget spinners.


31 DIY EASY Fidget Spinners and Toys

Fidget toys are the hottest trend. That comes as a bit of shock to some of us whose kids have used a variety of fidget toys or fidget gadgets and spinners over the years in class to help them focus. In some communities these toys have been around for decades. They are super common with kids who have attention issues. But, like anything that is intended for kids with neurological differences or special needs, the equipment and tools can get expensive.

There are many different prices I have seen these advertised for. They range from $12 for plastic to $14.95 for sparkly metallic ones. Don’t break the bank buying and replacing these toys. Here are a few crafty ways to make your own easy homemade fidget toys.


DIY Make Them Yourself EASY Fidget Spinners

. How To Make A Fidget Spinner
2. DIY Lego Fidget Spinners
3. How To Make A Lego Fidget Spinner
4. DIY Cardboard Fidget Spinners
5. DIY Fidget Spinner Using Skateboard Bearings
6. Build A Lego Fidget Spinner This Way
7. DIY Soda Tab Fidget Toy
8. DIY Ninja Fidget Spinner
9. DIY Fidget Spinner
10. DIY Fidget Spinners

11. Fidget Spinner Illusions
12. Duct Tape Fidget Spinner Toy
13. Paper Fidget Spinner
14. DIY Lego Fidget Spinner
15. DIY Magnetic Fidget Spinner
16. DIY Fidget Bracelet
17. DIY Desk Fidget Tool For School
18. DIY No Sew Mermaid Fidget Bag
19. How To Make An Epic DIY Lego Fidget Cube
20. DIY Fidget Balls That Kids Will Love
21. Key Chain Fidget Toys
22. Soda Bottle Top Fidget Toy
23. Make Your Own Thinking Putty
24. Use Pool Noodle For Foot Fidget
25. DIY Zipper Fidget Bracelets
26. Best Fidget Toys For School
27. DIY Bead Fidgets
28. DIY Chewing Fidget
29. DIY Chewy Fidget Tube Necklace
30. DIY Chewable Fidget Zipper Pull
31. DIY Chewable Fidget Necklace

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Are Your Kids Crafty?

Fidget toys and spinners may be around for longer than you think. These easy DIY fidget toys for kids are really useful for sensory seeking children and those who struggle with sitting still. Know anyone like that? Have them make their own diy fidget toys, with your supervision and they can take them to school or play with them at home when the urge strikes. No reason why you can’t use them as fidget toys for adults too. Happy spinning!

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