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Five Quick Facts About Colombia #Travel

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Five Facts about Colombia
1. The official name for this country at the top of South America is the Republic of Colombia. It comes from the last name of the explorer Christopher Columbus, who arrived in 1499. It was originally called New Granada and only took its modern name in 1861.
2. Colombia is the only country in South America which has coastlines on both the Pacific Ocean and the Carribean Sea. It also borders five countries: Panama, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru.
3. Colombia is known for its emeralds and coffee.
4. The official language is Spanish (although there are also 88 recognized regional languages spoken by various ethnic groups in the country). Ninety percent of the population is Roman Catholic. Colombia’s national holiday is Independence Day on July 20.
5. Colombia’s population is almost 50 million, with about 8 million of those people living in Colombia’s biggest city and also its capital, Bogota.
This week I spent time in Colombia, travelling with World Vision Canada.
I am starting a series of posts this Fall to share some facts about Colombia and some details about the life-changing work that World Vision Canada has done in the country with its youth. I am thrilled to be able to share with you all the ways this incredible charity helps support, build and nurture growth and development for the future of a country that has had a very difficult past.

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