My Five Favourite Travel Necessities

I have been giving travel a lot of thought this year and trying to up my game. That got me thinking about my five travel necessities. You know, those things that you have grown to love as a frequent traveler or a travel blogger? We each have some products we love and rarely leave home without.

These are my favourite travel products that keep me sane on the road.

MY Five Travel Necessities

I have been consistently traveling once a month and that has made me more conscientious about what I need to travel, and what I can live without when I am away from home. Recently I took stock of my five travel necessities I can’t live without. Strangely most of these are related to teeth. Clean teeth are important when you travel, but so is a good phone, a decent camera and a reliable travel bag. This post is mostly about those cosmetic items you could throw into your Beside-U travel bag with RFID blocking and run out the door with on a whim if you needed to jet.

MY Five Travel Necessities-2

  1. Beside-U Travel bag

    I wrote about my gorgeous new travel bag a few months ago and I am now using this as I negotiate airports and border crossings. I just love the size of the Beside-U travel bag and the security of it. I can pop an iPad OR a laptop in this one and go. It has an emergency whistle on it and Beside-U bags also feature a secure RFID ( Radio Frequency Identification) guarded pocket to protect your sensitive credit card information. That detail makes them one of my new favourite travel products.


2. Intellident Toothbrush shields.

Like a little disposable cotton cover for your toothbrush. These arrived and my husband scoffed. Then we went to the cottage and he used them, and I used them, and so did the children. Shortly after that we took a cruise and he reached for them first, and I did too. Then we went on a family ski trip to Smugglers’ Notch and well, you get the idea.

These toothbrush shields are made by women, and it is part of a woman-owned business, that also makes mouthguard covers. I love these and they have become our Must Have item every time we take a trip, whether that is overnight, or for a week long cruise. You can buy these from Walmart, Amazon and Walgreens too. Here’s an Amazon link to the Toothbrush shields product in case you are as interested as I was.

They are super useful and sanitary. They keep hair and hairspray and makeup off my toothbrush. When I put one on my toothbrush and jammed it into my cosmetic case the outside of it was covered in blush and the inside was protected. That would have been all over my toothbrush without Intellident toothbrush shields.


3. Doctor’s Brush Picks

Interdental tooth picks are soft, flexible and inconspicuous. I tuck them in my purse and my laptop bag and hate running out of them. They have changed my life. That sounds nuts, but they are easier than flossing and are super portable too. Also in my 40s there’s not much I hate more than food stuck in my teeth so these are crucial.

4. Dentek Tooth Flosser Pick carry case.

These are what I opt for when I need flosser picks with me too. I like to have a lot of options for cleaning my teeth and I like to have ones that are handy. Also I stock them full of picks for my girls when they travel with us, or when they go to camp. They are perfect for kids as well. I got these at a a conference in New York city but I know Dentek is available in Canada too.

5. A tiny reusable container filled with cotton swabs.

My entire family needs these. It sounds like a small thing, but we swim a lot both at home and when we travel and the kids can’t stand having water caught in their ears afterwards. Cotton swabs are always in my bag. In fact, I bought two tiny containers that are reusable at the CAA travel store in London and these are both ready to go at any time.

And a Bonus FAVE travel item:


I know I said five things I can’t live without when I travel, but here’s my newest travel necessity. My New Kobo H20 Aura is waterproof and has a unique screen that cuts down on the glare from the sun. You can read it in bed and the light will not bother your partner. And you can take it to the beach or the pool and you don’t need to worry. That makes this one to watch this year as a great little addition to my travel bag.

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  • Terry

    I carry all those things when I travel …. and more. I am so needy when I travel, and now my Hubs is becoming like me. Not a good thing. 2 needy people.

  • Annemarie LeBlanc

    I also discovered how useful it is to have Intellident toothbrush shields. It keeps our toothbrushes clean and sanitary. Each cover lasts a long time too so it is economical.

  • Amanda Love

    That’s a great must have list. I’ve been traveling once a month myself too and my phone and camera and my computer are all a must when I travel.

  • Ann Bacciaglia

    I love the Beside-U bag. I will have to get one for my next trip. The security pocket is a great feature.

  • Lisa Rios

    My husband is a frequent traveler as he has to travel a lot for his business. These are some great suggestions to keep in mind to make sure his travel is smooth & good enough every time. The Kobo H20 Aura is a wonderful gadget & could make an important add-on as well.

  • Rosey

    How lucky to travel so often!! There are def. things we can take along that will make the trip easier. Good list here!